Monday, November 23, 2009

Catching Up Post #1 - KCHST Show'n'Sale

I've been out a while, recovering and nursing some feelings, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

On Nov. 7, we had a Show'n'Sale with the Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team from Etsy, in the West Town Mall. Set up started bright and early at 8 AM and cleanup was at 9:30 PM. It was a taxing day. Physically I was just about strong enough... I have the stamina of a draft horse anyway. Emotionally, I wasn't as prepared as I thought for being out in the public. Lots of pregnant women and new babies walking the mall, and it affected me more than I thought it would, only a week on the heels of our own loss. I am not a "mall" person on the best of days so that part was a little trying too.

But! Des and Artemas and I had a lot of fun too! We made up people's thought bubbles as they went by, had some nice customers (and one really fun, nutty lady), made a little money, and got to eat Mall food. Not a bad day, after all.

Below are some pics of our display table, then closeups of our yarns from Diantha's Fluff4ewe shop, my My7Kids recycled yarn shop, and my Heartfeltfun hand knits/recycled felted accessories shop. Also Artemas' GotWood4You woodworking shop and Richard's Rossoaps handmade soap shop... last but not least Des' Hamncheezr Boutique where she sells handmade, quilted batik bags. Also I threw in a couple of us in the booth: Des with her bags, Artemas with his Zombie shirt, my Knitting Chickens vendor apron, and mohawk. Nothin' weird about this bunch, no sir!