Friday, October 30, 2009

Sad Day, guest post from my Daughter

Yesterday morning Mom went to the Dr for an ultrasound because she'd been having some light spotting the day before. They did an ultrasound and found no heartbeat in the baby. Mom was 9.5 weeks pregnant, and had had an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks (the baby had a very strong heartbeat then). On the ultrasound yesterday the baby measured only 8.5 weeks.

Mom's Drs office prescribed her the medicine to induce labor, which it did, last evening. When everything passed instead of there being one bean of a baby, there were two--one measuring out a couple weeks smaller than the one we knew about. Sad, sad.

The medicine also induced a hemorrhage-like bleed. She called her Drs office again and they called in a prescription for more, it was supposed to stop the bleeding. An hour later she was still hemorrhaging and her Drs office said to go to a specific ER because they were on call there, and that they would call and say she was on her way.

Mom & Dad went to the ER, I took Jeremiah to my MIL's to watch and went and met them (in case Mom needed blood, we are the same type) and 5.5 hours later when I left (3am) she was still just laying in a triage bed. They had not even admitted her yet. They HAD done a pelvic exam and had just when I left finished doing the ultrasound. They wouldn't give her a blood coagulant (sp?) until after the ultrasound.

By the time I'd left they'd only given her one bag of saline/iv fluids and an hour after I left her blood pressure dropped to about 60/40 and she passed out. That's when they gave her 4 more bags of IV fluids and the blood coagulant 4AM and moved her to a room about 6:30am. Mom called me at 10:30 and said the bleeding had almost stopped and they were discharging her.

She's on her way home now to try to sleep a little. I'm going to take the kids out there this afternoon, try to keep her kids quiet and help make dinner.

The younger kids, Veronica (11), Josiah (almost 9) and Betsy (2.5) don't know she was pregnant so they're probably upset and confused about Mommy being in the hospital. My brother Artemas called us at 3am because he couldn't sleep cause he was worried.

Thank you for all the prayers; continued prayers are appreciated. And pray Mom lays around for a couple days--she has trouble doing that but she could use it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Times, Happy Birthday Richie too

So it's been a while, not that there is never stuff going on at my house, but rather there is usually so much going on, it tires me out. Like particularly right now, I could sleep until about, hmmm, mid-November.

Ok, first off, some knitting and handmade, crafty knitting accessories. Here is the Pretty Diamond baby hat that I had such trouble knitting last month. I like the diamond pattern, but don't like that it didn't show up very well in the pale color and weird texture of the acrylic. I LOVE the pompom. I was trimming it round and when it got to the crazy tufts out of the top, I knew it was time to quit.

I had an Alchemy request on Etsy to make a pair of straight (?) knitting needles, 20-30" long from some of our recycled pear wood.

I came up with these... they are 26" long, completely smooth and have branch knots for stops. The lady who requested them is very pleased!

Des and Tony were down at my house yesterday. We came into a kind of windfall and one of the mature, grown-up, responsible things we did was to buy a new dishwasher. Ours in this house must have been made in 1963. We practically had to wash the dishes to dishwasher the dishes. So Tony and the rest of the Army Corps of Engineers put the new dishwasher in.

While they did that, Des made a pair of straight knitting needles from the pearwood. They are about 12" long and about a size 11. Very cool indeed, and available in Artemas' GotWood4You Etsy shop.

B has been taking some pics again. She caught Artemas in what is fast becoming his Favorite chair, that he better not get used to, because it is getting recovered and going to live at Des' house.

She also took a pic of Diantha reclining on the couch like she has no chores to do, and brother Josiah (who will be 9 next month), looking like he is up to no good.

Oh and the ubiquitous cat, D.O.G., who is asleep everywhere in the house all the time.

Today while walking around in a parking lot in the rain, I felt water seep through the soles of my shoes and into my socks. Before breakfast and when I was about to be out for the day, mind you. I discovered that there was a crack in the sole of each shoe. So in our birthday-day travels, just Richie and I on a date, we got me a new pair of shoes.

I usually have to wear only leather shoes, I am allergic to acrylic. But winter is coming, so most of the time I will wear my leather biker boots. When I need to wear sneaks, I will have these, and be BEAST. I'm sure you understand. B took the pic for me. My jeans are really NOT too short, I held them up so the shoe would show better. (sure)

For Richard's birthday, we ate at the Chinese Buffet. A big mistake on my part, that was. The kids and I also made him a delicious cake from scratch, his favorite. Worman Chocolate Cake. (above)

Ok, the big news. I really wasn't going for World's Oldest Naturally-Occurring Pregnancy (that woman was 56 years old, by the way), but surprise, surprise. If all goes as planned, we are going to introduce another new little Ross to the world sometime in late Spring. Deviating from my norm (I've had the last 5 kids at home), I actually went to a [gasp!] doctor today to start prenatal care. I really like this woman, who attended me when I went in after Beverly was born, and attended Des when Hannah was born, and is herself a mom of 4 boys. So after a hefty down payment, we got a picture of Pepé Le Bean. Enjoy.