Saturday, September 27, 2008

Resistance is FUTILE!

I have LONG resisted doing a blog. I kind of subscribe to the theory that all of cyberspace isn't out there waiting with 'bated breath for my latest deep (or not so deep) thoughts on ANYthing. And, I very rarely read anyone else's blog, because, well,
--6 kids still at home that I homeschool
--Quilting, and 4 kids at home who quilt or want to quilt or need help quilting
--Unraveling sweaters and dyeing, which takes up a great proportion of my time
--about 20 loads of laundry a week
--several meals a day
--my walking habit
--my knitting habit
--my dh, who is but a big old child himself
--I have trouble enough remembering to read my Bible, let alone drivel on the internet (which I feel wastes more than its share of my time).

And, not bragging or anything, but I have so many creative ideas and outlets, that if I did nothing but stay busy all day creating things and got only 6 hours sleep a night for the rest of my life, I could not do it all. In fact my oldest daughter (now a mom of 2 herself) told me once I should write a book called Quilts I Will Never Make (and sequels, Garments I Will Never Knit, Yarns I Will Never Spin, etc). Not that I can do that anyway, because even as I write, my 18mod is climbing me, fussing with teething and hanging on me like a leech. Sometimes I think if I ever meet up with what I call my Sadistic Psycho Muse, I will take to her with a rotary cutter (or the nearest pointy implement).

But I have been told lately, that since I make these recycled yarns for sale on Etsy, and since I do them in series of (mostly literary) characters, that I should blog about why I choose a certain work or characters and how I choose which fiber should represent them and what colors I think their personalities are. You know, kind of give a glimpse of the thought processes behind what I am doing.

So for all its worth here I am, going to let you in on my innermost thoughts. If I can remember my log-in...

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