Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Doings

Naturally I posted that stuff about someone's lunch in the beer case and the next day it was GONE. Our local big-box indoor walk-for-your-health club is undergoing a MAJOR (pain in the tokus) renovation so just about every bigwig in the country is in and out of there. Someone probably got their pants chewed for sure.

And, while we were walking, we encountered some unexpected art. Well to some people I am sure it just looks like random spray paint on a shelf, but to me it looked like art.

Huh, the guy on the commercial that was just on TV said "thrust." Maybe I am just hormonal.

Speaking of commercials, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pothole commercial. The voice and mannerisms of the person who speaks for the pothole are so much like my DD#1s lifelong best friend, I almost wonder if they paid her to do the voiceover. Knocks me out every time I see it. ROFLOL

Well since I wrote the other day, I have finished the toddler sweater I was knitting for Kyrie. Here it is, being blocked. Which took 2 days because it has been raining. The air has been so damp, the cotton took forever to dry. The buttons don't show well, but they are paua shell buttons, bright chartreuse green iridescent.

I started a pair of slippers for Kyrie's brother. He is a month (maybe 2?) younger than my B, but he is bigger. A moose. Anyway I took some of the lime green and hand-dyed it to a nice, earthy, boyish brown with greeny shades in it. So I am going to knit him slippers and a hat, the slippers mostly brown (so they don't get dirty) with a green cuff, and the hat mostly green, with brown stripes.

And then since I have nothing else to do, no challenges to speak of, I decided that the toes of the slippers should have R on one and L on the other in intarsia knitting. Doing them toe-up gives me a chance to short-row the toes. This is what I have so far.

And speaking of challenges one doesn't speak of, today I have been passing a kidney stone. Not enough that I have had food poisoning that has lasted me several days, no, today I have to add a pokey stone. So tonight I passed it.


All 3 of them.

Alright, on to something better! Today I dyed another skein of recycled yarn. Well first I dyed it randomly red and blue on an off-white base of Shetland wool. Then I plunked the entire thing in a pot of purple dye. I love the results! It is available in my Etsy shop!

If nobody buys it, I might have to knit this one up myself.

Went to the firing range yesterday, and shot very well indeed. I also took the guys there, some Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins (recipe here). Whaddya know, they are starting to remember me by name.

I think I might be getting to the point of not needing to go practice so much. WHAT did I say? Forget I said that. By the way, our mall is NOT posted Firearms Prohibited. ~happy face~

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elociNNicole said...

What is this yarn called in your shop? Is it the 'purple people eater'? If it is, this photo here on your blog is so much more inviting for the initial view of your shop. Just saying. It looks so scrumptious in this pic.