Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Mini Bike, Mini Story

Being a motorcycle enthusiast (which is quite an understatement), and having had a beautiful little Honda70 when I was growing up, I have thought for a while that it might be a good idea to get a minibike and let the kids rip-roar around the yard on it. Get used to how the brakes work, how to balance on a 2-wheel motor-driven vehicle, you know.

So after some negotiation (Richard wanted a 4-wheeler, which would be safer but out of the budget by about 2 grand), we lit on a little 100cc minibike at the local Tractor Supply Company.

Just in case anyone out there thinks it wouldn't be possible to "redneck-up" a minibike even MORE than its inherency, here is a pictorial:

First one should figure out how to wrap it.

Cardboard is good.

Duct tape is always really good.

Thank you Artemas for this bit of male creativity.

Yep, that oughta do it...

Now to wrap it.

Nobody is EVER gonna guess what this is!

Hiding it 'til tomorrow...

We really DON'T have to go anywhere, where we have to take the kids with us, do we?

The kids LOVED the surprise. Veronica actually went loping around the yard in the freezing cold wind, waving her arms and yelling. Because I have such decorum, I didn't take a pic.

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