Monday, February 15, 2010

Girls' Night In and Blue Pancakes

There is an old lady living next door. She has a granddaughter, about the same age as my 3rd daughter Veronica. During the week, the granddaughter lives with her mom. On the weekends, her dad has custody of her. He works nights, and even though he has a live-in girlfriend who would be at the house at night with his daughter, he brings her to the grandmother's house to stay.

Only he's gotten in the habit of just dropping her at my house instead, on Friday evening, and picking her up here on Sunday evening... thereby not spending ONE single minute with his kid. And also giving me an extra kid and mouth to feed for the weekend. I must have not read the custody agreement properly.

Anyway at least my girls have someone to play with. Amy hangs out with them and wears their clothes and goes to church with us, where she helps out in a toddler class along with my own girls. She leaves odd bits of laundry, which I find while folding clothes after I've washed it for her, because I don't have enough people in my house to do laundry for.

Here are some pics of the three of them having a lot of fun, one rainy Friday night. Don't ask what's happening here, I don't know.

On Saturday morning, I got up before everyone and went out for my walk. When I got home, I found mysterious things cooking. Someone (no names here, mind you) is OBSESSED with putting food coloring in any food they make, including pancakes.

Sometimes my life is so weird.

3 comments: said...

awwww Happy Valentine's day late!!!! Hugs Marion

Desiree said...

Hannah yelled "It's AMY" over and over the whole time I read this. In my ear.

Cheryl said...

sounds like you're giving her a wonderful place to be on the week-ends!