Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Totally Beat

Today we helped Des and Tony get started on making their new house, their own. I am just totally beat tonight.

Five years ago I hairline-fractured my right wrist in a motorcycle mishap, so wielding a paint roller is really a lot of stress on that wrist. But I can cut in around trim very accurately, with no taping, and quickly, because when dh and I were first married, we had a painting business for several years. I like to paint. Almost anything can be improved by a nice new coat of paint. And I'm good at it, so it was a pleasure to help.

Because Des is out of internet connection right now, I guest-wrote her blog tonight. So please drop over to 3AM Feedings for the day's happenings and LOTS of pictures, which will get nice and bigger if you click on them.

We put up a BUNCH of new items in Diantha's shop and in mine. So maybe tomorrow night, if I'm not in a stupor, I will write about them. Thanks for dropping by, and good night!

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