Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something I Did Right

A couple mornings ago I was ironing shirts for my husband (yes, [gasp!] there are still people who iron shirts), when it occurred to me that I have known how to iron shirts since I was 5. (I think that is over 40 years, but I'm not really sayin'.) Then I thought I would give you a glance into his closet.

Early years we were married, we had hardly any money. I got a whole box of vintage bone and shell buttons at the flea market for $1. For a little while, I worked in a discount fabric shop, where I could sometimes get fabric for as little as 50c a yard. Having more fabric than clothes-shopping money, I learned to make his shirts.

My dh has a penchant for bright fabrics.

I can make a man's short sleeved, collar-band shirt with a breast pocket, that the pattern matches up across the button band and at the pocket, in 2.5 hours start to finish.

Note the extra, matching button sewn inside at the bottom of the button placket, just like store bought. It's there so I don't have to replace all the buttons. Not that I am in that habit, but just sayin'.

For several years, the branch of big-box Home Improvement store he worked at had Wild Shirt Thursday. Every few months they would offer a prize: a store gift card, passes to movies, lunch out, etc. Until they realized that Richard always won the prize.

In recent years, now that I have (still) 6 kids underfoot and a little mo money (I worked for 4 years, until last year), I have bought his shirts in the store if I can find a good deal. One of his shirts (a JCPenney brand) was a good deal. After about 10 washings, the top of the pocket has frays all hanging out of it, and the fabric is as limp as overcooked pasta. Only overcooked pasta tastes better.

In the last couple years, I have taught my oldest daughter to make shirts too. She made this one for her dad for Christmas last year. Note the nice, finished edge inside the button placket.

So, I have passed the torch, or is it thimble, to a new generation.

Can I turn the iron off and sit down now?

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Cell Chic said...

Sewing clothing is getting to be a lost art! Very nice that you have passed it along to your oldest daughter.