Monday, June 1, 2009

The Army Corps of Engineers Installs A VCR

We got a new TV, moving our "old" one into our bedroom. Immediately after that, our VCR and DVD unit died. Then the new TV died. So the one in our room is the only one in the house that works. The other day I bought a new VCR/DVD, which we had the bright idea to hook up to the only working television, in our room. Up til now we had two floating shelves up the wall behind the TV, where the baby couldn't reach them when her crib was over there, each of which had a little bitty unit on them, one a vcr and one a dvd player.

So, we take the shelves down. We take the large basket with the diapers in it down. Beverly is starting to potty train anyway. We put the new combo unit on top of her dresser by the TV and go to hook it up.

It has no "in" for cable. It only has "in"s for a videocam, audio and video separate. The "outs" it has are 3 separate units also. Our TV has ONE "in," a coax like the cable.

So off go dh, who used to work with computers years ago and now can't figure out how to do a Google search, Beverly, Artemas to the local Big Box (sorry, but it is really the ONLY store in this town. Not even a Radio shack.) to have an electronics geek esplain this to them. An hour and $16 later, they return with an electronic splitter that has to be plugged in. The salesman said, cable into the splitter here. Coax out to the TV there. 3-prong audio/video cables go here, hook them to the combo unit. Seems simple enough. We shall see how it (or if) it works.

That is all the news that is fit to print for today, so I am including an Etsy Mini of my favorites. I hope you will visit these sellers' shops and buy something ELSE, so that I can buy some of these beauties when I am flush. (ROFLOL!!)

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Desiree said...

LOL! I have those King and Queen pillowcases in my faves too!