Sunday, June 14, 2009

WWKIP Day, Lotsa Pics

We had a WWKIP day in Clinton TN. I tried to do it the right way... got permission from the city for a gathering, put up fliers around town... and nobody showed up, except me, my oldest daughter and some of our respective kids. However we talked to a couple people, shared the gazebo with old men, and got a couple hours relaxing knitting in.

I have no idea what order to put these up in, so I will just go alphabetically with how I named them, give you the labels, and try to keep the chat to a minimum. :D

On the Left (so totally appropriate, since she is a lefty, mirror knitter, LoL), is my oldest gorgeous daughter Desiree, and the fluffy blonde head of her baby Hannah. Des is working on her very first odious Crochet Cast-on for a sock.

On the Right is my 14yod Diantha, knitting on her scarf, though she spent most of the time actually knitting one of our yarn bombs or yarnbombs, however you prefer. Diantha has a shop selling handspun yarns and fiber batts at Fluff 4 Ewe at Etsy.

The beautiful, lush lips on the Left belong to Diantha also. She is "wearing" one of the yarnbombs around her neck. This one is in hot red, pink, orange, and yellow acrylic with a vertical red stripe and a very decorative purple crocheted flower.

On the Right, you see Hannah. She didn't knit. She hung around and was a very good girl though, which is always a joy.

On the Left AND Right, you can see two views of one of the trees we eventually beautified with our knit tags. Des said it looked lonely, like it needed some cheering up. We now call it the Happy Purple Tree. LOL. These beautiful trees are Purple Maples and grow profusely in our area. People plant them in their yards because of the gorgeous color.

Again on the Left and the Right you see pictures of my little 8 yo man, Josiah.

He started a knitted cotton cloth in brightly colored and white yarn. In the pic on the left, he is graced with chocolate from some Banana Chocolate Chip mini muffins I made. In the pic on the right, he showed Des that he made a "Knitting Pirate Yarn and Crossbones."

I am knitting on the left. I have my long hair put back, because if I don't, not only is it a blanket, it gets in everything I knit and spin.

I brought 2 knitting projects of my own, but ended up casting on for Josiah, teaching Des the crochet cast-on,helping Diantha straighten out a little knitting snafu she had going on, and working on two tags.

See the leg muscles? They're what let me do up to 7 hours a night on skates, at Sonic, until I was in my mid-40s and found out I was pregnant with B. Not so long ago, really. :D

On the Right is Veronica, my 11 yod, knitting a scarf. She has been diligently working on this project, and is about 20 rows from completion. I am proud of her!

This last picture is terrible quality, taken by Artemas who wanted to snap the pic and flee before any witnesses arrived. It is our last knitting graffiti tag, a striped purple/yellow/red/blue/green and more purple acrylic. Hopefully if these don't get taken down in a while, they will hold up to the weather.

Tomorrow I am going to call the shops that we left flyers at, and ask them to keep them up another week and change the dates on them to next Saturday. Then we will see if anyone joins us. If now, we can be the Market Street Park knitters. Maybe we will be famous! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your yarn bombs! What a shame no one else showed up, but hopefully if you can get your fliers changed and the yarn shops to promote it a lil more, you'll get more this week!

Knit on! said...

What a wonderful idea!!! It made me think of last time I mailed a spindle at the post office the postal worker behind the counter said to me "Oh yes your the spindle lady" LOL