Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Shawl, B & Busted Pipeline

Today in cleaning out a closet in the girls' room, we found a baby shawl/blanket that I knitted for Desiree while I was on bedrest for 3 months before she was born. The last and only time I had knit anything before that, was a purse my grandmother tried to have me make when I was 10, in seed stitch, and I HATED IT.

But 3 months bedrest is BORING, so dh took me out in a wheelchair to the local craft store, where I bought 2 or 3 sets of needles, some yarn, and a "Learn to Knit" pamphlet. Nobody told me lace was supposed to be hard. So for practice, I knitted a pair of slippers for dh & then cast fearlessly on and produced this blanket.

Twenty-four years later, it has a couple picks in it but still looks pretty good!

We finally got the girls' room that had the mold in it, fixed. I have some accent painting to do & a curtain to make, but Veronica is moved into the room & Betsy is slowly assimilating herself into that room too, as goes the plan. Well in *this* pic anyway, she looks quite content...

And one more, she wanted me to take her pic the other night during an late-night computer & putting B to sleep session!

Ok so for the past week or so, our driveway has been wet. That's no surprise if it's raining, but it hasn't been. Ground next to the driveway has been very wet & soggy. Today Richie called the Utility board to report it. Suddenly about 6:30 tonight he says, "What's that noise?" and heads out the front door.

Seems they found a 4", freekin-old galvanized water main had a hole in it. Instead of replacing it with pipe, they ended up putting a rubber boot & clamps around it. After making an incredible mess of our driveway.

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