Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Building a Tomb

This weekend our church is having a big drama production. For the little kids, they're having a "Mystery Weekend." The kids will go to different stations in our Satellite sanctuary and get "clues" to what happened on Easter.

Today Des, Diantha and I went up to the church and spent the afternoon building a tomb.

Here are some pre-blocking pics of my TwitKal (Twitter Knit-a-Long) shawl. It's knitted of Merino/Bamboo handspun & has 48 hanging jewels. It will be about 6 ft. wide when blocked.

Oh and I got a new motorcycle today, a GS650 Suzuki. Which I very kindly let 18yos Artemas pose on for the pic. :D


Cheryl said...

wow... the kids will be learning a lot if everything else is done as well as it looks like you guys are doing on the tomb!!

Desiree said...

Hey! I don't look too fat in those pics! LOVE the picture of the jewels on the glass!

Lois of HisFireKids.com said...

Wow...7 kids...i ONLY have six. I am inspired! I love WATCHING bikers...haha. we watch them go by