Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Done is Better Than Perfect

I got Veronica's sock done. I missed her birthday by 3 hours, finishing the cast-off bleary-eyed but triumphant, at 3 AM. And Veronica, who NEVER stays up past about 10 PM, was awake. She put the sock on, and...
She didn't like it.

The cuff was looser than the other one. So today I picked out the cast-off, pulled out about 5 rows of knitting, put the sock stitches back on the little bitty size 1 needles, and did it over. I counted stitches on the first sock, and apparently I had decreased more times after the heel, to make the ankle more snug. So the 2nd sock had 5 more stitches. Not much you say? About 1/2-3/4" difference! I decreased the 5 stitches, ribbed my way to the finish line, cast it off, and behold, she likes it. Hey Mikey!

Above, the pics. The socks aren't really wonky, they were laying across my legs. There is lace on the top of the foot. The picture is a little more pink than I like but hey. And here is a nice detail of the heel, showing where I decreased off the little mini-gusset I make before the heel, so the short-row heel isn't TOO short at the back of the foot. Pretty, huh? Sometime I am going to put up a little tutorial on making toe-up socks. Sometime is not tonight.

It is thundering again. And it must be lightning with it (well duh, yo!) because the street light just went out.

Here is a bit of weirdness. I uploaded a background to my Twitter last night. It was a pic of the target I qualified with for my CCW. And an avatar that was the center cluster. Today, that background disappeared. Ok, I thought, they think that is potentially violent (they don't live in the South, LoL). I stand Politically Correct-ed. SO I put up another background. This one an innocuous quilt with Australian kiwis on it (to the left), and an avatar of a quilt block I made. Tonight that background also disappeared. What is up with that?

I spent most of the day putting shipping back on our etsy listings, and putting tags in for Diantha's and my shops, because we got accepted to EtsyFAST (Fiber Artists' Street Team). I got so sick of doing it, I had to take a break to wind yarn and make tea. Then we went to Des' house for a little bit while the teens were at church, and now I am back at it. We listed this yummy handspun in Diantha's Fluff4ewe shop today. I spun a little of it on Monday, and she did the rest. It is her May SHEteam challenge of flowers (Daffodil Garden). Stop by and buy it, LOL!

In a few minutes, it will be the National Day of Prayer. So PRAY! Our country sure needs it! And I don't know about you, but I sure need it too. Even if you don't think you know how to pray, try it anyway. Just talk. I can reassure you, Someone is Listening.
Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; You shall cry, and He will say, 'Here I am.' Isaiah 58:9

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

That is funny about the sock, wouldn't seem like that much, but it is great that she can realize the detail. Great BIBLE Verse too.