Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mostly Pics

Today I received the link to pictures taken 10 days ago at the Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team Spring Show and Sale. Stop by and browse through! There were many talented artists featured, with beautiful items offered up for sale. The gorgeous, focal-point pictures were provided by Many thanks for the beautiful pictorial!

Tonight we took a road trip out to Des' house while the older kids were at their year-end bashes at youth group. On the way, Veronica took pictures in the car. On the left is one of her, enjoying the ride.

And on the right, a picture of 2-yr.-old Beverly, enjoying the same ride. Gotta love the youthful enthusiasm.

When we got to Des' house, it wasn't raining. The rain had stopped there, and there was a rainbow off her balcony. Always love to see God's promise, that He will never again destroy the earth by water. With the storms we have had lately, gotta wonder at that one. But no, the sun always comes out. Thank the LORD!

The hospital sent home a CD with pics of Artemas' xrays on it (which I am sure was NOT free), which does not work in our state-of-the-art brand-new Dell. But I found a pic online like his broken clavicle. Not his but just like. The xray techs didn't even notice it; they were looking for spinal or rib fractures. I told them, and they had to go back through the slides to find it. DUH! Maybe I should tell the hospital to bill the diagnostic fee for that one to ME. ROFLOL, now I *AM* funny!

One last pic. A progress report on the items I got from the UFO Administration. I am not quite half done with the Fuzzy Yellow Thing. The 2nd half will be identical , but with the addition of a panel of matching smooth yarn in the center, then kitchener stitched to the first half. Keep in mind, it isn't blocked or anything in this photo. I would have made better progress if I had not been sick for nearly 10 days now with the flu. I also got a Cuff Too Small project in sock yarn, which I will post pics of tomorrow. I promise.

Meanwhile, Go get a free Knitting Heroes comic book!

3 comments: said...

Love the Rainbow! Thank the Lord for that! Your fuzzy yellow thing (as you call it) is gonna be beautiful once blocked!!! You do beautiful work!!! God Bless! Marion

Debbie said...

Just looked at the pictures from the Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team Spring Show and Sale. Wow, what great stuff!! T

hanks for stopping by and entering by giveaway the other day.

Desiree said...

Plus you forgot and left the yellow fuzzy thing at my house for like, 3 whole days!!!