Friday, May 1, 2009


We did Heritage Day at the local public school today. It is a combination school carnival/expose-the-kids-to-the-arts day. And this morning, it rained.

So the school called us to tell us they were still having it, only INSIDE in the gym. Arrrggghh!

300 running, yelling, sweating kid at a time in a gym with 3 huge moon-jump machines (with their noisy air blowers) and NO ventilation. Must have been 100° F in there.

This year, we actually sold some soap, and some vendors from last year remembered us and wanted to buy some. Most of the vendors were selling 50c to $2 kiddie-plastic stuff from Oriental Trading Company. We probably made about $45... but then, the booth was free.

We did 2 soap-making demonstrations (Misty Mountain Rose and Lime in da Coconut) and let the kids that wanted to, cut a small slice off soaps we made yesterday (Scent Slayer and Cedarmint Scrub) and take it home. For free.

Diantha and Veronica went with us, so they and I did spindling demos and let the kids try it, and make a bracelet if they wanted, out of the piece they spun. About 35 kids did them, a few others watched. Several chubby girls with braces and weird flat glasses watched and then didn't want to bother. "I told one, you are much too young to not want to try something new and then sit around the rest of your life wishing you had something to do." Sometimes people think I am weird, when really what I am is to the point. LoL.

Of all the groups or types of kids, the Hispanic girls were the most interested, and the Hispanic boys were even interested, but not most of the other boys, except ones about 10 years old. The Emo/Goth crowd couldn't be bothered. The girls wouldn't do it unless their friends would. I am SO glad I don't send my kids to public school. I am SO glad my kids do something if they want to, and have the confidence to try new stuff and do what they want, even if other kids their age look at them like they have 2 heads.

We didn't sell any Kin-dles, but Diantha sold one CD spindle kit (shaft with hook and grommet) to a girl who said, "My Grandma crochets, she will probably like this." And, we didn't take any pictures. Forgot my camera, dangit.

I am glad to be back home. Later I am going to look at a motorcycle, maybe to buy, and tonight I am going to make a tux vest and tie for Allen to take some girl to her prom.

But right now, I am going to have a nap.

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Desiree said...

You didn't mention Diantha decided she doesn't want to go to PS for highschool because "one day with those idiots was enough" LOL