Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad Tree Day, and Mom, You're So WEIRD

This morning about 8 AM we started to have a lightning storm. For the first little while, maybe half an hour, it was "dry" lightning. It wasn't raining, but the lightning was fierce and very close, as there was no delay to the thunderclap, and you could hear the thunder echoing through the hills and valleys around here.

Then the rains came. I grew up just 22 miles from Xenia, Ohio, and stayed 2 days in the basement when the tornadoes went through that leveled that town (in what, 1972?). Then lived 22 years in FL, just above Tampa, the lightning capital of the country. So I have lived through some storms! But this was seriously the worst wind I have ever heard. When it was over, I started to leave the house... and this sight greeted me from the front porch.

Our front yard has (had) three large Bradford Pear trees. They don't bear fruit, but are gorgeous in Spring, totally covered in white blossoms... great shade in summer, and fiery red in Fall. The center tree (in front of the porch), is ailing... the crown is spreading and we are probably going to have to take that tree out. The one nearest the driveway (pictured) was our favorite. We sit under that tree often. We park motorcycles and cars under its shade to work on them. And the storm killed it.

Three little bright spots: one, I can make a LOT of pearwood, handmade, chunky, double-pointed knitting needles like these in my My7kids Recycled Yarn Shop if I cut and peel the branches while they are still wick. The second is, the tree missed our 450 Suzuki that was parked under it, by like 3 feet. And the last is, the kids didn't know what to get me for Mother's day, and I have been wanting an apple or peach tree. So today we went out, found one of each cheap, and they got them for me.
Oh and a Basil plant for my garden.

Still, it is a shame such a beautiful tree bit the dust. I have been a little sad about that. It isn't a big sadness thing like the loss of a spouse, marriage, child, or house. But sad still. And, those new little trees won't give good shade for quite a few years! ~~ sigh ~~

OK! A couple more pics! One is Veronica's feet, happily nestled in her mom-knit sox. Now that the cuff is fixed, she likes them. In fact, she had to have new sneakers to wear them with. (Just kidding, she was overdue for new sneakers. LOL)

Here is a little sneak peek at the Fuzzy Yellow Thing that I got from UFO Project Administration Service. This is the re-make that people voted for on my blog last week. I had a few people say they didn't think the lace pattern would show in that fuzzy yellow yarn, but it looks so far, so good. Yes, my carpet is purple.

Today Des said she thinks I might be on the cutting-edge of weird. What in the world might prompt a good daughter to say something like that to her mother?

Last night I was counting stitches in a knitting project that Diantha is doing. I needed a marker in the middle of a dpn, and instead of slipping the stitches off the needle to the marker point, I took out my left earring (a handmade sterling and garnet with a hook on the back for the wire) and slipped it on the needle and hooked it. I might add that I have my left ear pierced twice, and in the extra hole I had a long, turquoise and sterling earring that I lost the mate of last week.

Later on, Veronica was sweeping the floor in the kitchen and found my other turquoise earring. Without thinking, I stuck it in the only empty hole.

I promptly forgot about it and went out today, looking like this:

Des said, "You know, Mom, most people would have switched that top turquoise earring to the other side, so they had a pair and an extra." So I told her I never much cared for doing things the way Most People do them. LOL!

I got a special order yarn done after our errands today, and made homemade pizzas for dinner. But I did NOT get more knitting done, or the carding done that I needed to do, or folding laundry. On the other hand, I am not asleep yet!


Kay said...

Sorry about your beautiful trees! I'm so glad that you are all safe and sound. I don't miss those mid-west storms at all!!
Congrats on your Mother's Day trees though. I think that's a great Mom's gift.

Huebsch Designs said...

Sorry about that tree - aside from knitting needles, another idea is to make pencil holders. My mom did that with some old pear branches from my granddad's yard. She cut them into about 2 or 3 inch slices, drilled 5 or 6 pencil-sized holes into the top of it, and carved a little description into the bottom. Now my mom's gone, but I have 3 or 4 of these little holders and I love them!

my7kids said...

A friend of mine wants 3" wide by 1/2" thick slices to make artistic spindles! Great ideas. Pearwood is wonderful, semi-hard and nice grain.

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Nikki, I've been trying to access Desiree's blog and each time, it loads Windows Internet Explorer and loads her page over and over again until it locks up my computer. Can't open it without it happening. Has anyone else had this problem? I can read other blogs fine. Have to reboot after getting 100% CPU usage w/Des's. :( If you can, pls. reply to LeeoftheWind (at) Thanks so much!!!! Lee

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Wanted to tell you how saddened I was by the loss of your tree. Only someone who's watched them grow and thrive can understand the immensity of their loss. Is the bark still pliable enough to cut 2" lengths of and slit it to remove it in one piece? If so, removing, drying and gluing the slit would make beautiful napkin rings from the bark, with or without adornment. Might be a good project for the kids. Hugs, Lee