Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthdays, Who Needs 'Em

Yesterday was dh's birthday. He is now 66, with an 18-month-old baby girl still running around the house. It doesn't phase him.

I took him to work... the plan was that I would come back to get him and we (just he and I, for a change) would go to the new Chinese buffet right up the street for a nice quiet celebratory dinner.

I felt better yesterday. And, when I got back from taking him to work and came in the house, it didn't stink. A welcome change, I'll tell you. But as is my usual habit, the minute I start feeling any better at all, I immediately do too much. So, I
  • unraveled, skeined and dyed part of a sweater
  • reskeined 3 other skeins of yarn to mix the colors
  • took pics of all the yarn and listed 2 of them on Etsy
  • made a triple chocolate cake from scratch
  • folded the last 3 loads of laundry
  • cleaned the living room

  • Meanwhile my eldest daughter called, and said, "Tony and Jeremiah stayed up until 1 AM making dad cookies for his birthday, so when the kids get up from their nap, we are going to come over so we are there when dad gets home to give them to him." And my sister called, and said, "We remembered that Richard likes blueberries, so Russ and I made him a cobbler and thought we might come by later to give it to him." Ok...

    So when I picked him up from work, I said... Change of Plans... and in his typical form he said OK... so I said, the Chinese place is probably terrible anyway.

    When we went to bed, he said it was a nice birthday. Really fun for everyone to be together (in our tiny little house) and talk and goof off and laugh. He was right. Sister reminded me that Thurs. my parents are supposed to be here and we are all going to a local BBQ place for dinner. So I guess that can be our little delayed birthday dinner out.

    Oh by the way, yesterday I also got accepted to the Etsy Knitters Street Team. And, by selling one of the new yarns I put up (within about 5 hours), I achieved 100 sales in my shop.

    So, a good day.

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    SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

    Life sure is full of surprises, always seems to be something. Just wanted to say you inspire me to keep trying to sell my baby quilts online. I think it is great that you achieved a milestone. I will pray that your sells overflow with great blessing.