Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quickie Post

So where have I been? I would love to say I have been doing some more yarn, and I have, but not enough to keep up with demand. So today I want to do yarn.

I have been looking for my Civil War Churn Dash block components. I am in a swap my daughter is hostessing, that is due Friday. And since I will be going to her house on Friday, it would be a good idea to be on time with my swap. Can't expect a merciful deadline extension from a kid I never taught to be merciful. LoL (just kidding) And, I can piece these blocks together rather rapidly, so today isn't too late to start on it, especially with Richie off today... he can parent and I can sew. That is, if I could find my blocks. I cut out 20 blocks, 4 sets one evening at Des' house while visiting. Packaged them up, brought them home and lost them.

Now I can cut out 4 more sets rather easily and quickly. But it is the principle of the thing. Twenty blocks without sashings would make a 36 x 45 baby quilt, an even bigger lap quilt if set with sashings, and I just can't stand the thought of having wasted all that fabric.

When I get some yarn unwound and into the dye pot, I will look for those blocks again. I promise.

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