Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just LOVE the Muppets

I have a new yarn series up, I should say Nearly up, on A Muppet Christmas Carol. I just LOVE the Muppets. We even planned to name a son sometime, Peter John Wyatt (the John and Wyatt after Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp) and call him Pepé after the King Prawn muppet. LoL. Alas it hasn't happened.

I have nearly all my Muppet Christmas Carol characters up. I am lacking Marley and Marley, mostly because the yarn is the same I did Tiny Tim from and I have been putting it off the best I can. Also I need to do the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, and the Urchin Bunny that Scrooge asks to go get the turkey from the butcher shoppe. I have Generous Scrooge done but to put him up before the last Ghost would disturb the Universe.

So bear with me, maybe tomorrow will be the day!! I say that about a lot of things!! Meanwhile go take a look at the cast of characters who have made their debut and decide you can't live without some of them. LoL.

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