Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Moving Blob

So what does a person do, who can barely breathe and therefore has no energy? Well I am not spindling today, and not unwinding yarn, both of which call for a more upright posture.

I am taking it easy by sitting on the couch like a blob, with my trusty Dell beside me, and folding the 5 loads of laundry that were in the living room awaiting me this morning, and the 3 more I did during the course of the day.

And, I am "letting" (let's just leave it at that) my 13yod, 10yod, 16yos, and almost-8 yos "change" their rooms. My eldest dd gave the girls a queen-size bed. They had a twin-over-full bunk but the 10yo said she thought she was allergic to the mattress. So in comes the queen size, which turns into a 3-day room-cleaning. The bunk bed parts come into the living room.

Then 16 yos says, hey, Josiah and I could put the bunk bed in our room... so out come 2 antique metal twin frames and their mattresses, into the living room. Fill laundry baskets with shoes, stuffed animals, shoes, toys, clothes (wasn't I using those baskets?). Fill 3 trash cans with broken toys, junk, more junk. Move dresser. Find a home for the dumbbell weights. Trip to Megamart for underbed storage. Put the hulking bed together, cover mattresses with bed bags.

All the while stirring up every air pollutant known to man. my keyboard in the setting sun looks like it snowed today, in the house. Maybe I should add antihistamine to the shopping list. Hopefully pretty soon my living room will look like a place one could live, too.

Let everything be done decently, and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40

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