Saturday, October 11, 2008


I spent the morning at the DMV. My 2nd son is almost 17 and until recently was not really interested in driving. He said he wasn't ready. But we have to sign for new insurance on Monday and he has to either have a driver's permit by then or be excluded from the policy. So we spent 2 hours in a crowded DMV today.

I looked like a hippie in my faded jeans with paint on them, Sonic Drive In shirt (which I earned the right to wear, on wheels, by the way) and long wild hair. But I sat there with my Dell and took advantage of the Free Public Internet like a Yuppie at Starbucks.

He drove us home, about 12 miles. Then to the Home Depot, where I took over. No I-40 at rush hour in Knoxville at 70 miles an hour on your first day with a permit when you aren't on the insurance until Monday. No sir! But he took us from the church where I dropped one kid, to my daughter's house about 15 miles away, then to Walmart and back to her house, after dark. Did very well actually.

This is my 3rd student driver, and he is a pretty level-headed kid. So I am not nervous. No, really. No REALLY!

I am still coughing like Doc Holliday and the stench in my house has migrated from Burnt Sheep to Slightly Burnt and Kinda Sweet something weird. I am trying like mad to get some more yarns up, but I am plying this one and yesterday I was so dizzy from cough medicine that I couldn't sit on the tall stool without falling off.

Maybe better luck tomorrow.

And for a while, I can drive like a total nah-nah because I have a Student Driver sign on the back of my car. Just as well.

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