Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Post on Snow and The Rule of Thongs

Ok, so here is the rest of it. We had SNOW today. Big fluffy flakes that happened on and off all day. At one point it was just sorry looking, not even covering the brown grass, and only laying in little soggy heaps on stationary objects. But by tonight, it has covered the grass and made the road icy enough that when I went to get hubby from work at 9 PM, someone had already skidded at a nearby intersection and taken out the stop sign. Sigh. Tomorrow, traffic here is going to be a MESS.

Yesterday Diantha finished spinning her 2nd yarn ever. It is a gorgeous superwash in bubble-gum colors, and she did a FINE job of it. She consistently achieved a worsted to heavy-worsted weight single, getting 148 yards out of just under 4 oz. Great job, Diantha!

Today I was SURE the block was Flying Geese. I had already cut my "geese," and I am going to use some of them up and down the sides of the Tree of Life I did yesterday. So bright but not early, I got up and cut my geese "wings," marked the backs of them diagonally for sewing, and the phone rang.
Des informed me that today's quilt block was actually a 4-patch in a square. Not wanting to break with my tradition of being slightly skewed from the rest of the world, I made my block skewed too. Thought it would be more interesting that way. What it is, is hurt-your-eyes loud. Well. Life is too short to make boring quilts anyway.

I started on a 100% cashmere, lace-to-cobweb weight RED, absolutely RED sweater to recycle but didn't get a whole skein done.

Ok, I know you have waded through all that to find out what in the WORLD is the Rule of Thongs. Here it is.

Those of us perverts who wear or occasionally wear thong underpanties have made a discovery. If you buy them in a size bigger than you normally wear, they are not actually excruciating. So do you remember my post from a couple weeks ago, about going to Victoria's Secret with my daughter and getting some plain black bikinis and a lovely, sexy, lacy little satin maroon thong that cost me for the ONE pair on sale what I usually pay for 6 pairs at the local megamart?

Well guess Who forgot the Rule of Thongs? Yep. I bought a medium in the black panties and then like a total nah-nah also bought a medium in the thong. Now don't get me wrong, I could stand to lose 10 pounds, easy. But I am not what is usually known as a "large" woman. BUT I put those lovely panties on and couldn't bear even for my dh to see them. I looked like a Walrus in a Rubber Band.

Richie, trying to be supportive, says, "Well they have nice lace. And you have been losing weight already... maybe in another 10# they will fit." He just Doesn't Understand. I suppose I could wash them and give them to charity. I refuse to give them to my 13 year old.


Desiree said...

HAHA, hehehe, hohoho... um, hunh, ahem...

Can't wait to see your flying geese. said...

ROTFLMAO OMG you are making me laugh so hard I can hardly type here. My hubby is laughing so hard he is crying. Not to mention my brohter here laughing his ass off too! Pretty quilt!!! Huggs and thanks Marion

Tara said...

I LOVE your block! I would love a whole quilt made from blocks identically like that. It is a little loud, but if you used red borders with it it would be beautiful. :)