Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Not Really A Day Behind

I posted the Jan. 2 block on Jan. 3 only because I am a night person and finished the block just before midnight Jan. 2. By the time I loaded the pic and posted, it was after midnight. Anyway on the calendar yesterday (Jan. 3) and today (Jan. 4) were combined with the Courthouse Steps block. Since that is a variant of Log Cabin, I decided to to one block of each, one for yesterday and one for today. So here they are. Tada!
Now in other news...
Yesterday I went to Victoria's Secret with my oldest daughter. I have never owned anything from there. Their underpants and things are nice, but really I don't see the sense in paying $16 for a pair of panties with 20 grams of material, or $48 for a bra. But she had a coupon for a free pair of basic black, white, beige, or pink panties (any basic style) and she said I could have them. So off we went, and I got a very sexy pair also in maroon on sale for $6. I guess that is a bargain, but I couldn't help thinking I usually pay the same money for 6 pairs of underwear. --sigh-- Richard liked them a lot, but I didn't even get a chance to model them, because I immediately got a visit from Mother Nature (who could learn a LOT about timing, LoL).

I got a call at 6:39 this morning, from my dh who was supposed to be on the way to work. He didn't wake me to put his contacts in, and he got 2 miles from home on Adesa Parkway (a very curvy road with separator islands in the middle), hit the curb of an island in the dark and VERY heavy fog and took out our front left tire on the Tow'n'cou. He sees fine with contacts in but without them, he is freekin' Mr. Magoo. Add dark and fog, and it's a wonder he made it out of the driveway.

The phone woke Beverly, so I had to wake Artemas to put her back to sleep so I could go. Couldn't find my keys so I woke the girls to ask them were they were (they didn't know of course). Woke Allen to ask him for his keys. I figured when I got home, I would nab Allen and the jack and go change to the spare tire, he could go on to work, I would come home. I went and rescued Richard, took him to work, and put his eyes in... stopped next door for donuts for the kids for breakfast, because I planned on going back to bed when I got home, for like a week.

I get back to where the car is on my way past to go home, and there is a "plain" police officer. So I stopped to tell him the plan, and he says, you have to tell the officer behind me. My phone rings and it is Richard, who says, hey, we have AAA, just call them to tow the car home. I go to tell the 2nd officer that, just as a 3rd officer pulls up. Hey, it is a small town and nothing is going on at 7 on a Sunday morning. The officer says, "In the dark and fog, the car is a danger in the median. I will call Moneymakers to get the tow started, and hurry back because we have to stay with the car til you get back."

Home, get Allen up again, out the driveway we go with a donut and Mtn. Dew each (a person needs sustenance, LoL). Meanwhile I call AAA and whoever put the number in the phone put the wrong number (not ME). They are not listed in the phone book. I can't find my card. So I tell the tow driver, they looked it up by my name last time. He calls dispatch and then tells me, fine, it will have to be a Cash tow and you get reimbursed by AAA.

I said, I'll just go home and get the jack and change the tire. The cop says, well you have to pay for the service call for the tow truck since he came out, and it is the same price as the tow to your house. ARRRGGH!! And when he says Cash Tow, he means CASH tow (no checks, visa, MC, debit). There is a reason the company is called Moneymakers. I told him to load it up, I would go to an ATM and meet him at the High School (on the way back to my house).

So now I have TWO vans in my driveway that have been towed home by Moneymakers in the last month. The Ramvan, Richard hit a chuck hole last month down by the dump and broke the front right spindle. No money in December to get it fixed, not to mention the Car Guys in the family all live 25-30 miles away and it has been Tennessee Winter, 46 degrees and raining almost every day.

And here is the funny part, the Tow'n'cou has a bad tire, but not the one he ruined this morning. ROFLOL!

And here is something even funnier! I called AAA and my membership expired on Dec. 31st. ROFLOL hysterically!

Here are some things to be thankful for:
-- My body is still cranking along like it should, even though I am almost 47 years old.
-- My dh liked my pretty undies. Sometime I will get a chance to find out how MUCH he liked them.
-- Richard didn't roll the car when he hit that curb.
-- I actually had 50 bucks in the bank.
-- We have another car.
-- We had donuts for breakfast.

Nikki, trying to look on the bright side, instead of saying, my life is Crap and I want a new one!!

3 comments: said...

awwwwwww hon I can relate to your life! And tell hubby to wear his contacts all the time no taking them out lmao. You are a doll trying to find good things! I bet your screaming inside. Wish we lived closer we could cry together! Huggs Marion
It could be worse my hubby has been out of work for 5 wks now and we onlly get 200 a wk on his unemployment. lol oh and my word verification word is COLISH hummmmmmmm wonder if that is a word

MostFavoriteAunt said...

I'm with you on the undies! Highway robbery, I say.

Thanks for the chuckle!

SleightGirl said...

Oh my! When it rains it pours, doesn't it? I will admit, donuts do make up for a lot.

I love the log cabin quilt, it's very pretty!