Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not Quite a Block a Day, but...

In 2008 my oldest daughter found and followed a blog where the lady had a 365 Quilt Blocks A Year calendar. She made and posted a block according to her calendar, every day of the year. So we said, wouldn't that be fun? I found some kind of quilt a day calendar at Sam's and bought each of us one. Turns out there aren't 365 blocks. There is a picture of a quilt on a day, then the several days following are the blocks to make that quilt. Then it starts over with another quilt. Also Saturday and Sunday are combined on the calendar, so if there is a block, it is ONE block for that TWO days. ...sigh... leave it to me to get the WRONG quilt calendar. But hey, I tried. Anyway yesterday was just a quilt picture. Today was a block, Ohio Star. I happen to like Ohio Star blocks. I even was from Ohio once, a lifetime ago, so here is my block for the day!

Also my 13 yod Diantha (here she is, isn't she gorgeous?) decided on Wednesday to up and learn to spin. She picked up a Batt Crazy I had just bought and proceeded to spin it up. It was a 1-oz (30 gram) batt of all different fibers, threads, etc. She got 46 (or 56? I forgot) yards of wonderful lumpy, bumpy, fun yarn. I have a picture of the skein and a closeup. We haven't yet decided whether to have her knit it up as an accent in something, or to get some more Batt Crazies and let her spin them until she can knit up something altogether in relatively the same yarn.

We had a good New Year, and stayed home. Des and Tony came down and stayed til Midnight. We spun some yarn and just generally fooled around. The guys crawled around under the house working on plumbing some more and started the pergo-type flooring in the back porch. Good times.

I have another couple pics to share. Diantha took Beverly (whom we affectionately call Betsy) in to have a bath tonight. Of course she couldn't resist doing something weird with her hair.

Afterward, this is what we get. Betsy's hair is a barometer. If the weather is dry, it is straight as a poker, fine baby hair. If it is raining outside, her hair is a riot of curls. When we get up in the morning, we can just about tell the weather by looking at her hair. I think it is cute, so here it is for everyone else to enjoy.

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Desiree said...

That's a good pic of Diantha, except for the scowl, LOL! Also I think it's funny that she made B's hair stick up in the tub; I used to do that to D EVERY time we gave her a bath--even when her hair was over a foot long! Can't believe B's hair is that curly!! Tony says she looks like Papa, hahaha.

Your block is GREAT. It matches mine. :-D I don't know if I'll send mine in for the healing quilt or not. Might be greedy. LOL!