Friday, January 30, 2009

Kidney Stones SUCK

I am having a kidney stone tonight. Blek.

I am kind of used to it... I have chronic stones and have been passing them for more than 20 years. Two years ago I passed an 8mm stone on my own. A doctor said, we almost always have to remove a stone that big by surgery. I said, I have passed bigger stones than that at home without as much as an aspirin. Of course, I thought I was going to die, but by the Grace of God I didn't and got it out (and over 100 smaller stones washed out in its wake).

One time when I was working at Kmart, I was helping unload a 1200 piece truck. I knew I was having a kidney stone, I was in pretty bad pain. I have a HIGH tolerance for pain, so pretty bad pain to me is enough to land most people in the hospital on Morphine. LoL. I went to the bathroom and passed a 5 (five) mm stone. I washed it and wrapped it in a towel. Went back and finished helping unload the truck.

When I showed it to my boss, he said, "OH, Nikki! I saw you leave during the truck! I didn't know you went and lost a TOOTH!" I said, Bryan, that is a kidney stone. He nearly passed out. The year before, he had one that was .5 (half) mm and had to go to the hospital.

Anyway usually I barely even take aspirin. But tonight I took a vicodin 500. I still have a little pain, but not enough to make me want to die.

I was working on some yarn this evening earlier, and didn't get it done. Today was a no-block day (just a pic of a quilt on the calendar), and I usually make something up. But today I didn't.

God's grace is enough for me, no matter what. Maybe I will hurry and pass this stone so tomorrow I can get on with life. Tonight, I am going to bed.


Desiree said...

I don't blame you. Everyone needs a day off, even regular people who aren't in constant pain. The yarn'll be there tomorrow, no worries!

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Okay. I understand your driving force to do everything in the world. Now you've entered my territory of pain management. Why in the world do you think you have to make kidney stones? Do you want me to drill them and string them into jewelry for you? Do you need them to weigh down your piles of fabric? Do you miss being in labor? Oh my, dear woman, stop the madness! Pain isn't a virtue!!
After all that ribbing, I pray you feel much better very soon. Take good care of yourself. Pampering is not a vice sometimes. Warmest wishes, Lee