Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner Out and a Show In

Tonight my dh and I went out to dinner. Rare for us! Last Spring we had a booth in a small local craft show, and I won a door prize of dinner at Shoney's. The waitress says, "Oh, that includes a drink and dessert too!" So I got Richard's coffee and a water for me, we both had the hot bar, and a hot fudge cake sundae for dessert, which we shared. And I think I am about to die. I mean really my stomach feels like it is about to es-plode. Friday morning I was down another pound, making 5 down for the month. Now I am afraid to get on the scale. Maybe I will wait until Friday again. LOL

This morning I caught Beverly "quilting." She had my rotary cutter, some Taco Bell napkins, and a piece of 5" ruler. I kept checking to make sure the lock was on so she wouldn't hurt herself. She would lay the napkins on my cutting board, lay the ruler on them, and "cut" around them with the rotary cutter. Clever.

I put my slipper through another HOT wash, cold rinse and HOT dryer, and this is the result. I think if I did the process one more time it would be fulled completely, but it would fit my Veronica (size 6 shoe) instead of me (size 8.5). If I do another pair after this one, I will do 28 st around instead of 32, and 18 rows from the full # of stitches at the toe to the beginning of the heel increases instead of 14. But when I put them on, they mold to my foot, and they are WARM, which was the goal. My feet get so cold on the floors in this house. So I am happy :D The stripes in this yarn were just different balls of wool that I threw in while spinning... and what looks like pink is more like a deep mauve, and it is Alpaca. I had never spun alpaca before, it is very long-staple and slick, almost like a stiffer silk.

There really wasn't a block on our calendar today, since Saturday and Sunday are combined. But rather than do nothing, I did a Dutchman's Puzzle. This block is 6.5" square, and I like it a lot.

Ok so I didn't get all that laundry folded yet, but nobody's perfect. And the night isn't over yet. One of my sons bought me The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD for my birthday, so I am going to put it in the player in our room and watch it, and make a mess of 40 piles of laundry on our bed. LoL.


Desiree said...

Ooh, and loan the DVD to me when you are done...and maybe a kid too, cause my house is laundry consumed right now too! LOL

And, come to think of it, MY feet are freezing. I should go put on my slippers.

Desiree said...

Oh, and I like the block. said...

Aww the little one following in Mommy's foot steps how adorable!!! I adore the slippers! Look warm and cozy and pretty too!!! The block is awsome! God Bless