Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doin' Nothin'

Well I have spent all day doin' nothin'. Except.

I did spend about 2 hours this morning in the computer catching up on 3 days worth of emails. And, I string-pieced together a block that I am going to use as my top 2 setting corners on a Challenge quilt I am doing. It is a monochromatic quilt in shades of, are you ready for this? Orange.

I cleaned up a mountain in my room, down to bare wall and had the boys rearrange the room for me. We put my little lampstand-slash-bookshelf where Richard's dresser has been, because it takes up less room there than the dresser did and that means we can actually open the closet door all the way. We put Richard's dresser where Beverly's crib was. And the whole reason for this change-around, we put Beverly's crib where my lampstand-slash-bookshelf table was, against the narrow wall between our bedroom door and the closet.

Richard said that the crib was against an outer wall of the house and Beverly would get too cold at night. Which is true, she did. She seems to like her crib where it is, and I guess I will get used to it there. It is easier to get to her if she should need me at night... she is just about 6 feet away and parallel to our bed. But before, it was a straight shot from my side of the bed to the bathroom and now I will have to detour a couple feet around the end of the crib. But at least she will be warm.

I finished another baby bootee and a little bitty hat. I don't know this baby at all. My SIL works with this man, and his wife had their long-desired baby at only 25 weeks, the day before Christmas. He weighed only a pound, but he apparently is a little fighter and is hanging in there. My daughter Desiree is making the baby a little quilt. More than 20 years ago, when I was pregnant for Desiree, I went into labor at 25 weeks too. Back then a baby born that early wouldn't have survived. So we lived through 12 weeks of bedrest, medications that made me sick to my stomach, and tests, and ended up with Des. That girl has been worth her weight in gold, a blessing through and through.

So I want to write a letter to the parents and tell them to hang in there, keep the faith, and this little boy will be a blessing to them no matter what the outcome is. And send him a little hat, bootees, and mitts to keep him warm there in the hospital. In fact I might make 2 hats, one for when his head gets a LEETLE bigger. This one would fit a small apricot.

Oh, and I made Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip jumbo muffins so I could use them to take pics of some stainless-steel food-grade display boxes I want to sell. We had to eat the muffins afterward. Too bad, so sad.

I still have a stack of jeans to put away off my bed, and a stack of recycleable sweaters to find a home for, so I have to go. Goodnight!


Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing...

Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

awwwwww the hat and booties are adorable! Love the sstainless steel food display boxes look nice but the muffins look better lol. Huggs Marion

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Oh dear. Now I know I'm addled! I've been following a couple blogs and just pieced together that the Desiree I follow, and you ... are mother and daughter. NOW I understand why you BOTH are wonder women. I never put it together. I guess it's because I don't piece quilting blocks. They're hard for me to put together too! Anyway, this was a sweet revelation and made me smile this morning. Have a great day!!