Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, and Boring Blocks

It rained during the night last night. (It is Tennessee Winter, who is surprised?) I woke up this morning needing to take a ride. I know that may seem weird to some of you. But I grew up on a motorcycle and it is like defrag for my soul. If I am nervous or upset, even if it is something I can't put my finger on, taking a ride works all my kinks out and I feel better.

Betsy woke up sleepy. She came out to where I was at the computer, wanted to nurse, then slid down to the floor, lay on the rug, pulled the notebook I was using over under her head, and started to snore. I covered her with a quilt and she slept another hour and a half. Wish I had done the same. Richard is on vacation and it was still raining.

I mailed some orders today, made a new yarn to put up, then went to Des' house for the evening. We had some really good Lentil Soup. She hardly ever gets to eat it anymore because Tony won't eat it, because it is brown (go figure, I think that is the only thing the man won't put in his mouth, LoL). Made today's block while I was there. When we got home I made a new cell phone cozy for my HeartFeltFun shop.

Today's block was called Sawtooth Star on the calendar. It is NOT a Sawtooth Star. A Sawtooth Star has little tiny points marching up and down all the big points of the star. Though Quilter's Cache lists *yesterday's* block as Sawtooth Star, and a block known as Variable Star as Sawtooth Square. So. Anyway. This is actually a Diamond in a Star block. That's the right name, and I am sticking to it. This block goes with the one I did yesterday, to the same Healing quilt, and it is boring. Life is too short to make boring quilts.
-- sigh --

Not getting to take a ride makes me cagey and mean feeling. They are predicting drier weather tomorrow, but a 15-degree drop in temp, putting it down in the even-too-cold-for-me-to-ride category. I spent all day waiting for the rain to stop, and it never did.


Desiree said...

I noticed you brought spoiled Tony a big ol' container of turkey and fumplings to eat instead. SINCE WHEN DO YOU CATER TO THE EATING WHIMS OF YOUR KIDS??? When I was a kid we ate what you made or went hungry...then got to eat it for breakfast. Freakin' A, he's always the exception to the rules.

my7kids said...

Yeah, but he is cuddly. LoL Besides, HIS loss not to eat my good Lentil Soup. And, more for us.



my7kids said...

and hey, I brought you homemade, marbled cheesecake.