Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pain, Pain, Go Away

I woke up today in almost no pain around my middle. I should have known I would pay. It is my history with these kidney stones, that if I don't have pain in all the normal places, I have it in my head. I have had a headache today so bad it has had me in tears. I have taken aspirin in triplets every 3 hours to no avail. I have wished someone would shoot me. About an hour ago I took a vicodin... and I feel marginally better. I hope this stone passes soon, because we only have 8 of those left.

So today I got a yarn done. I had a customer write to me and say she could just kick herself for not buying my Will Scarlett yarn last August, and did I think I could re-create it? So I wrote her back and told her the only thing I had available was a 100% silk in the correct weight and color to take the dye I needed for it. I quoted her a price and she said she would take it.

OY!! I started unraveling that sweater and the yarn was completely un-plied. Like 6 threads of silk just running together. I spend quite a bit of yesterday and about half of today (with my head throbbing), plying that yarn back together with a drop spindle. Tonight it is dyed and hanging in my bathroom. I will stick to my original price, because I could not do the skein without 3 knots. But I think I am going to throw the rest of the sweater away, silk or not.

I did another yarn today, luscious worsted weight Angora in pink, red, deep red, and purples. Hopefully it goes up in the shop tomorrow.

I did 2 blocks today, an Annie's Choice for yesterday
(even though I didn't have to do one) and the Ocean Waves the calendar called for today. I did it badly, marking it off my Quilts-I-Want-To-Do list. LoL. The Annie's Choice is the one with a pointy black (I know it looks navy blue) pinwheel in the middle and purple points around the edges. The Ocean Waves is the one with the triangles up the middle. Both of these blocks are 6.5" square.

Tonight we played with the drum carder some more. I have decided to card half that black/brown/blue roving to spin from the tweedy, carded batt... and to spin the
other half of the yarn from the roving, which will give me a random, speckled effect when knitted. I don't think I will ply them together, but rather knit a project in stripes of one yarn and then the other. I think it will be interesting to see how different the same wool, same colorway will look.

Remember my felted slipper of the yarn I spun from little balls of purple mystery wool that weren't carded? Well tonight we carded some of them. I have enough of them left to do 2 batches alike, for 2 carded batts alike. I didn't use any of the balls with the little hot pink nepps in them for my slippers. This should be a really fun yarn when it is carded. Might be destined for a hat and gloves or something else fun and visible.

2 comments: said...

Nikki, You are a truly strong woman! You dont let anything get you down! This is why your my hero! I love the blocks for today very stunning! I'm praying that your stone passes or just dissapers completly. Don't tell me they can't becuause God Can do anything!!! so there! I'm so so happy your having such fun with the carder, makes up for me not gettign one too!!! Huggs Marion

Desiree said...

HAHA, you're like me, hoarding pain pills cause when they're gone, they're gone.

Looks like your carder is a lot of fun, though it seems like it'd be good for busting knuckles. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll get to sew today. Take it easy!