Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another little piece of Weirdness

Ok, so Friday evening Des and Tony and the kids were over, and because I am a brave woman I had set out milk cartons and graham crackers and plates of candies and [gasp!] bags of frosting and let the kids (mine, Des' and the little girl next door, whom I apparently have custody of on the weekends) make Gingerbread houses.

Along about 9:30 PM someone knocked on the door. I said, "Maybe that's Amy's aunt coming to check on her, better let her in." My oldest son Allen looked through the peephole and then ssshhhhh! when FLYING past like a blur, into my bedroom and shut the door. I heard Desiree say, "What the HECK would AMBER be doing here?!"

{*} A little aside: Amber is a girl who dated Allen last year, for some odd reason got booted out of her "parents" house (who weren't her parents, they were relatives who took her in when her alcoholic father ALSO abandoned her at 14, like her abusive mom had done at 2) and ended up sleeping on our couch for 10 months. Having been shunted from school to school by her itenerant dad, she never got much past a 3rd grade education. While she was here, I registered her with our kids' "school" and tried to help her learn to read and write literately and do math. Also she needed help with things like basic hygiene (how CAN a person go 5 days without showering or brushing her teeth?). But she wasn't interested. We were all VERY glad when Allen broke up with her and she left! Afterward though, she basically cyber-stalked him and recently has taken to calling and emailing him again. {*}

She had some girl with her and nervously spun out this story about how they think the alternator was out on her car and the girl's mom was mad cause they weren't home yet and could somebody go take a look at it to fix it, where was Allen? Tony told her the alternator couldn't be tested or fixed that time of night, the auto parts stores were closed. I asked how she got to our house? Could the girl's mom come get them? If I took them home (30 miles) how would they get back to get the car (Amber doesn't drive)? They said they A) flagged someone down, B) that was the friend's family's only car, C) they didn't know. I said I would take them. let me get ready.

Went in to use the bathroom to find Allen cowering there (LoL), got my boots on, looked up and she was gone. I figured she was outside talking to Tony. He came in and said she left! Des said while I was getting ready to leave, Amber came in and out of the house several times (like she was trying to go out and then come in and catch Allen coming out of somewhere), and that she demanded to know whose party it was. LoL!! The plastic tablecloth and crumbs, candy, and remains from the kids just having made gingerbread houses!

Funny how people they just "flagged down" stayed, waited for them, and then took them somewhere. Des figures they were out with friends in this vicinity and she thought, since Allen won't answer her phone calls or emails, if she could come here and just SEE Allen, she could convince him how WRONG he is and how much he really LOVES her. More ominously, I had the thought that she wanted to try to get him to go take a look at her car, and have whoever those other people with her were, beat him up. I am glad he hid and hope she doesn't come back.

Sometimes I wish it were boring at my house. LoL

3 comments: said...

Every post you make, I laugh as its too close to my life with step kids, kids and grandkids! And the neighbor kids or who ever decides to adopt us. God bless you for taking that poor poor child under your wing. I will pray for her as it seems she needs it dearly. Huggs Marion

my7kids said...

Yes, I can't be callous, I do pray for her. Because of past abuses, she is really messed up. I had hoped we cvould make a difference but apparently not. So, it is just like the Rabbi said a blessing for the Czar...
"May God bless and keep the Czar... far away from us!"

Hamncheezr said...

I will never get the picture of tall, lanky Allen crouching in your room in the dark, hiding from his 5'2" scrawny ex girlfriend. ROTFLOL. Great times, glad I had a beer in me. buahahaha