Sunday, November 16, 2008

Losing Things

Ever look all over for something and it is just NOWHERE? That is what I have been doing for 2 days.

Last week when my daughter Desiree was here, she spun up a GORGEOUS black superwash merino and peacock blue bamboo fiber batt that I had bought her as a surprise from Silver Sun Alpacas at Etsy. She wanted one to match an upcoming project she had. We washed the yarn to set the twist and hung it in my bathroom to dry.

Tuesday my MIL was here from NJ to visit. We had the table all cleaned off and brought out the yarns I have been doing for Etsy and the ones we spun over the weekend. Grandmom brought in her humongous crocheting bag and showed us lap robes she has been knitting for the Old People at the nursing home to use in their wheelchairs. She is only 92 herself ya know. LoL! Anyway in the ensuing days I had left the yarn on the table, and in between I got out my quilting cutting mat and proceeded to make a big mess. Friday night after my historic trip shopping, one of the things I was cleaning was my bins of sweaters, yarn, etc. trying to get things put away and a little more organized.

Yesterday Des came, with projects in tow, and we went to get her skein of yarn to wind into a ball for her to use. Can't find that yarn anywhere.

We have gone through my car (in case I thought to take it to her house), my bathroom, the sofa in the corner of my bedroom which is right now Christmas Present Pile Central, under my bed (never know), in my basket of clean laundry, on my "other corner" rocking chair, which has all my leathers right now (cold weather calls for warm leather ye know). My chest of drawers which used to belong to my grandmother, has a small cupboard 2 drawers high and 2/3 the width of the chest, where I keep my sock knitting yarns and my "someday" yarns for my own, you know, when I am done knitting all this stuff for all these other people. Not there.

I cleaned out the corner of the dining room which currently has stacking drawer units with fabric in them, until I can get them into the shelving in the back hallway. Not there. Not behind or under the table (just in case it fell). I have a glass corner table between the sofas, accessible from the dining area side, where I have a HUGE basket full of my own yarns. To keep them handy to remind me how far behind schedule I am on my knitting, and to keep them out of my Etsy yarn bins. Not there. Not in my sweater bins, my processed-yarn bins, my Heart Felt Fun bin. Not accidentally in the laundry.
<<-- Betsy and my 8yos Josiah
...An aside here. My baby's name is Beverly Jeane, after my favorite Aunt. But Aunt Bev was called Becky when she was little and we like Betsy better. Betsy Ross. LoL. And she has curly hair and the bluest eyes I ever saw and she LOVES Mountain Dew. ... Anyway, she thinks she knits. She plays with my yarn and my needles and rubs skeins of merino against her face and coos. She walks around with my latest project and pats baskets of yarn. So we figured while all the grownups were talking, Hurricane Betsy got hold of that lovely black and blue stuff, walked around with it, and then like a good girl "put it away" in Grandmom's bag. We broke down and called Grandmom, back in NJ now, and asked her to check her project bag. No dice. She checked it and said, nothing black in here!

I could buy Des another batt. Or Des could buy the batt sometime, since she was going to in the first place and mine was a surprise. But that is not the point! What a lot of work down the drain.

If anyone sees that skein of yarn, would you please let me know? And if you see my brain, would you please e-mail me? Thanks!

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Hamncheezr said...

Okay, so maybe it's not actually funny. If we haven't found it in a week or so, I'll buy the other batt and spin another skein. No biggie. Then, if we find the original skein afterward maybe I'll knit some fingerless gloves. Yum...