Thursday, November 13, 2008

G'bye, Leaves, Hello, Yukon Cornelius

So, here in the foothills of the Great Smoky (without an E) Mountains, we have what is called Color. Our hills and trees are ablaze everywhere you look with just about every color God can come up with. I think He does it just to show off. Whatever the reason, it is spectacular. I love living here and looking at the mountains any time of the year, but in October it is wondrous to behold. Thing is, just when the colors can't get a bit richer, it is over. Just the other day I was sloping onto I-40 East and thought, "In another couple days those golds, reds, purples, and yellows will be rusty brown." And sure enough, yesterday they were.

Then this is what happens. We get rain. We had drought nearly all summer. Welcome to Tennessee Winter... cold and drizzle. It's like living in the UK, with better scenery. The first big rain of winter comes with wind, usually hits at night, and knocks all those newly-brown leaves off the trees. Next thing you know our hills look like the buzz cuts of so many Drill Seargeants. Bare black branches reaching soldierly for the sky. The rain came last night. Today was cold and damp. But my Bradford ornamental pear trees stubbornly stuck to their coats or yellow and scarlet, cheering me a little while longer (and I am thankful). Pictures: top, from my front porch; above, from my driveway looking toward my front yard.

Today I made another pair of felted fingerless glove, mitt wrist warmers for my Heart Felt Fun shop at Etsy. I also got a felted, really cheery bag nearly done but not up. Another day maybe.

Today I also got 4 new yarns done for the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer series:
  • Clarice - she is brown, pink, and fuschia... lovely stripes and highlights in the highest angora-content yarn I have ever recycled... 40% angora rabbit. Luscious.

  • The Spotted Elephant from the Island of Misfit Toys. She is a creamy white wool blend, wrapped with a narrow cord of white and salmon pink boucle. A nice, chunky, quick knit for a scarf!

  • Mrs. Claus - we have Christmas with an attitude! She is the high-angora blend yarn in pink, fuschia-red, and a little bright green.

  • Yukon Cornelius - this is the first cotton blend yarn I have bothered with. For the most part, I think cotton yarns are a waste unless you are knitting dishrags. But this has enough acrylic to give it memory, and enough cotton to class up the acrylic. AND, I realize that not everyone loves wool, however soft. So here we have good ol' Yukon. The original sweater was a sorry pale algae color, but it did have a nice metallic glitzy thread shot through it. So I have hand dyed him deep blue like his coat, red like his beard, and left a little green. All run along with a fine thread of silver 'n' gold. I hope you will like him too!

    Don't forget to enter my "Go Green for the Holidays Giveaway" a couple posts below this one!
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    Wow sounds beautiful (the mountains I mean) I have to tell a little story. I'm from the great northwest (Seattle Washington) Moved to Indiana 10 yrs ago. Although It's beautiful here, I miss home awfully. One year we went to Flordia for vacation and had mentioned to hubby how I missed my mountains. While driving we passed your beautiful Mountains. Hubby pointed them out. I kept looking for Mountains (the kind im used to seeing big beautiful snow capped mountains) I'm sorry but I was dissapointed as in compairison yours are foot hills to the ones I'm used to. And I guess it proves to show that one place can never be the same as another. I do see the beauty in those beautiful smokey Mountains now, And kick myself for not enjoying them when I could have. Your yarns are devine and im drooling as I type. Too many yarns too little time to knit them all up!! Keep up the wonderful work!!! God Bless Marion

    Anonymous said...

    Excellent work. I really love your view... Can I move in with you? Your Angora is just beautiful. 40% was a fab find.