Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally A Pic I Can Share

Last Fri. night we went to my daughter's apartment to pass out candy. Normally we don't "do" halloween. But there are about a gazillion kids who come around her complex, and her 3yo was excited about it. So I let my kids "dress up" with stuff we had lying around and off we went.

I let my baby Beverly (who we call Betsy) eat chocolate and get it on her face, then put her in a chocolate brown long-sleeved shirt and pants so she was a Chocolate Bar. LoL. Between my daughter and me, another couple that came and my sis and her dh, there were 6 adults and 10 kids, and that is a party even if you don't have cake. My daughter was coming down with a cold or something but we had really good chili and soft rolls and homemade apple crumb pie.

Anyway I "went" as Alice Cooper. I already have the nose, jawline and hair for it... and the leather pants... so I put on a fishnet body-stocking top and ripped, stained T shirt and painted my face. A few little kids looked at me awestruck. I could understand feeling that way in the presence of a Rock and Roll legend. LOL!!

Some of the teenagers thought I was totally cool. My BIL told me I didn't look any different than normal... just like I hadn't had enough sleep. And my Betsy and the newest grandbaby Hannah weren't phased in the least. Guess that is what I get for being one of the scariest Christians you will ever meet in the first place. LOL.

My daughter's camera batteries died, so it took a few days to get some more and send me photos. Anyway here is finally a pic of me with 7 MO Hannah.

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Love ya, Nikki!! :)
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