Monday, November 17, 2008


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Tomorrow I am GTO. Going to Ohio, that is. When I was 17, I bought a full-size bike... a 1972 Suzuki 250, 2 clyinder 2-stroke. I rode it until I had kids, then my dh requested my dad "retire" it to Ohio so some old person wearing his wife's glasses, where we lived in FL, wouldn't kill me and leave him with kids to raise.

Well ya know that was 20 years ago. Our current bike still hasn't recovered from my son rolling it end over end a year ago, so we are hard up. And, my dad has restored this other Suzi. It runs! It rolls! It has GEARS to run through! I will be SO glad to have it, even if I do have to kick it to start it.

So, dh has this week off work. We are gonna take off tomorrow, drop 4 of the kids (Betsy gets to GTO with us) at my eldest daughter's house (she is SO brave... wonder where she gets it?) and go get the bike, and be back Wed. evening in time for supper. Quick trip.

If you want to read of my kids' antics and my daughter's sufferings while I am gone, click here: 3 AM Feedings. Last time one of them stayed, at 12:45 AM he decided that he needed WAFFLES to eat, and broke one of her table knives. So I am sure with several of them there, she will have SOMEthing to report. LoL.

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