Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gangrene Candy Cane?

Today I went to a "hospitality" meeting at church. Our church has these major productions over the month of December and some of us make food to bring in, to feed the ones involved in the productions who are putting in LONG hours in rehearsals, etc.

One week on Wed. my kids and I are taking in salad and made-from-scratch chocolate cakes... the next week salad and miniature eclairs (also made from scratch). And staying to serve and clean up one of the weeks. Then one Saturday we are taking in sliced meat sandwiches (only 50, LoL) and Texas Cowboy bars (these are like granola bars, only with a sweet fruit filling). And lastly, on Sunday the 21st, we are making 4 HUGE breakfast pizzas. Enough of each item, each time, for 120 people. Does that seem like a lot? Oh did I mention there are like 3,000 people in our church? Boy do I have a lot of cooking to do.

After the meeting Artemas and I went to Rugged Wearhouse and got him and Diantha some jeans, a couple frames for Allen's photography, and a boot polisher. My biker boots look terrible these days so now I can make them shine!

When we got home, Des and Tony and the babies came to visit a minute or two, and I finished spinning up my Happy Begonia batt. Actually when it came to me, it had a little more red, maybe silk in it. I took some of the red out, because I have another project to use it in. And I put in some Kelly Green superwash merino, and some neon-colored mohair curls I had lying around, from defacing a hideous sweater. Des says I should call it Gangrene Candy Cane. Just for reference, the squares in the tablecloth are 1". I got 84 yards out of it, to knit something (maybe a ski band?) for our pastor's wife, whose favorite color is lime green. Hope she will like it.

3 comments: said...

I love the color!!! will make a nice ski band!!! Good job! Huggs and God Bless and who that is alot of cooking!!! Marion

Hamncheezr said...

I love it, even if it does look like a putrid candy cane. LOL!

my7kids said...

You know, I had a ski band in mind, but I almost think it is enough for a hat! 84 yards... hmmm... Or maybe a narrow, dropped-stitch scarf? Elf Barf Scarf? too great. ROFLOL!