Tuesday, November 11, 2008


OK, so in the interest of Raising Green Awareness for the Holiday season, and Goodwill Toward Mankind, I have decided to run a Giveaway, Sweepstakes, Drawing, Free Raffle if you will. Here is the Deal:

Visit either of my shops,
Recycled, hand dyed, high-end fiber yarns at my7kids -or-
Recycled, felted and hand-knitted items at HeartFeltFun. Either of these links will open a new window!

Then come back here and comment on two things:

1) Your favorite item from either shop and Why

2) ONE way your family can "Go Green" for the Holidays.

Please also include your email address in a non-harvestable form, like Youremailaddy AT yourserver DOT com

For instance, for probably 20 years, I have started in about September to save boxes, anything an interesting size and not smooshed, to wrap presents in. We have given CDs wrapped in toaster pastry boxes to handknitted sweaters in corndog boxes to wallets in checbook boxes. Always fun to unwrap the box to see what you "got" and then open the box to see what you REALLY got. LoL!

Miscellaneous Stuff:
  • No Purchase Necessary to win. If you find something you can't live without in my shops, good for you, and good for me. But no obligation!
  • Etsy membership NOT required to win. (But what the heck)
  • Contest ends midnight EST (Greenwich +5) on 12/01/08
  • ONE entry per person.
  • There will be ONE person to win. I will use Random.org to draw.
  • Winner gets to select ONE item of their choice from one shop, value up to $18
  • Winner's name will be posted on my blog sometime on 12/02/08 (I'd like to specify a time of the morning, but I am a little unstructured in that area)
  • Winner must respond by midnight 12/04/08 to my personal email, with their item preference and mailing address. If the winner fails to respond, I will choose another winner.
  • ONE extra entry for each of the following actions: Follow me, Link to this giveaway, Subscribe, Blog about this blog, purchase. Please let me know by comment if you did any of these things.

    Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

    Ok I'm game (although I never seem to win anything on these contest) My favorate is on your Etsy store "My7kids" the item is Mall Santa, A Christmas Story Chunky blend yarn plus the bonus cashmere yarn. It would make a beautiful pair of christmas socks, mittens, hat, scarf ect... We also save boxes all year to reuse for Christmas. Also we save any brown bags and get out paint and stamps and make decorations on the packages, also save ribbon or ties on gifts through the year and use them on the bag decorated packages! Its tons of fun!!! Huggs and God Bless marion

    mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

    My favorite item from your store is STRIPED FUN felted wool angora fingerless mitts from recycled sweater from HeartFeltFun. Lovely mitts! I simply adore the colors used.. :)

    Im going green by reusing all plastic bags given during shopping for trash plastic bags. That way, they'll be useful for throwing out all my rubbish!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.


    Vanessa said...

    I love color and socks and "Emily Cratchit" is it!
    butterflyjones03 AT yahoo DOT COM

    Anonymous said...

    I like the Starry Nights yarn. The colors are beautiful and I think it's absolutely fantastic that your yarn is all recycled from sweaters! I don't know how I've missed your etsy shop in the past.


    Jenna said...

    My favorite item from the store is the STRIPED FUN felted wool angora fingerless mitts from recycled sweater. I was wondering if you make them in other colors too? I would love a pair of plain black or something. They look so warm. As far as making my family green for the holidays....I suggest wrapping gifts in newspaper. It still does the job, but it wastes a lot less paper that way. Thanks for the giveaway!

    SillyLittleLady said...

    Yay! I love giveaways, although I never seem to win, but who does right? My favorite item from your shop if I just had to pick one would be the "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid" yarn, love the colors!

    All of my Christmas shopping this year is being done via Etsy, and I always use recycled packaging when sending out mail of any kind.

    hpriestl at nmt dot edu

    or just contact me through my shop if I am fortunate enough to win! :D

    Nathalie Brault said...

    I'm just crazy about the big knitting needles http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15791818http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_430xN.39869261.jpg

    I'd love to knit with those. Count me in lagrande2tall4u@hotmail.com Thanks for the giveaway. I'm inviting you to my giveaway at http://women-prenuergalore.blogspot.com

    Reeva said...

    my favorite are the striped fun felted fingerless gloves. those are cute!

    This year we have changed all of our lightbulbs to more efficient ones, and we're recycling heavier now (more cangoods and paper goods). We're also using reusable bags more often and cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. That saves $$ too.

    Anonymous said...

    Great idea for a giveaway! My favorite yarn in your my7kids shop is the Emily Cratchit yarn. I love the colors, and who doesn't love the Muppets?!

    One way to be green around the holidays is to use no wrapping paper, and especially not holiday themed wrapping paper. Use newspaper (which gets a second use out of it, and it's recyclable) or buy plain white or brown gift bags that can be reused by the recipient year round.

    trinabrielle aatt gmail ddoott com

    Ravenhill said...

    I love all your yarns! Delicious! This is my favorite!

    I will be making my gifts this year and also buying thrifted things for my kid's stockings! I find so many wonderful things at flea markets! I think this is great that you are encouraging a greener Christmas!

    CanCan said...

    We do the box saving thing! It is genetic! I learned it from my mom!
    This year I am wrapping gifts in play silks and tying them with a knot. No paper! My kids don't mind!
    I love your Froghat or Knotty Monster custom hand knit knitted child or adult beanie type hat from YOUR recycled T shirt. So clever! My sons would love wearing that as a costume.

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

    Anonymous said...

    RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER - I like the colors and my daughter would LOVE socks in this color.

    This year I think that I will not use wraping paper for our gifts. This would do 2 things save space in the trash (landfill) and use less paper.

    Carolyn said...

    I can't knit or crochet, unfortunately, so it was off to HeartfeltFun for me. I loved the knott funny hat and fingerless mitts. Would look so cute on my niece. I am trying to make most of my gifts this year. I am a papercrafter, so it will be gifts made with recycled items, such as altoid, coffee, or tea tins, instead of buying chipboard for some of my creations I will use cereal boxes and cut my own. Plus, we are going to try not to use the heater (or air conditioner, here in Florida) this winter.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

    carolyn s.

    Newfangled said...

    My favorite item in your Heartfeltfun shop are the felted wool angora fingerless mitts. I love the bright colors and the added heart. I also like the stitching you did around the edges. Very cute and warm!

    I've recently started making things using different types of paper. I plan to go green this christmas by saving wrapping paper to make paper beads and other collage crafts. I will also save tissue paper to use for packing etsy orders and gift bags to reuse. yay for creative recycling.

    email jenniferbrown04 at gmail dot com

    my7kids said...

    BONUS entry for SillyLittleLady for purchase! Thanks!

    hpriestl at nmu dot edu

    Knitcrazy said...

    Oh My.. Its a tough decision... All of your yarns are so yummy ...but I am in love with Emily Cratchit... What a beautiful choice of colors...Ohhh I would love to fondle it and feel how wonderful it is... what cozy socks or cowl it would make....
    I am knitting as many gifts as I can this year... we reuse our bags for shopping and we have change to more efficient light bulbs..we have only used our AC once this past summer and turn it off quickly.. I keep my computer off until I am ready to use it and then turn it off again..of course we recycle what ever we can...
    Have a Great Holiday !!! :)Love both of your sites...

    Knitcrazy said...

    Forgot my email addy...
    peneloercola at aol dot com

    Erin, maker of chimes said...

    Appreciate the "love" for the eco :) The glowves from sweaters are quite inventive, my fav or the striped ones!

    Reusuable wrapping... cloth gift bags or even market totes instead of the paper wrapping is how our gifts will be wrapped! Plus, we'll be gifting as many of our own eco-friendly creations as possible!

    Bibliocat said...

    I just came from your etsy site and purchased your Twilight sock yarn. I love the colors and that it is recycled yarn. I will make socks for me... for once.
    As for being green. I hit our local thrift and buy recyclable sweaters to unravel. (They always ask me what I plan to make out of the items -- they know me well now.)
    I make knitted gifts for my boys, hubby, mother, sisters, and niece. I love giving them homemade
    items. None of them knit or crochet so they appreciate the gift from the needles and heart.
    Sheryl at bibliocat dot org

    CraftyCarole said...

    I love the colors of :
    BEATING UP FARKAS - hand dyed A Christmas Story wool sock yarn from recycled Eddie Bauer sweater
    BEATING UP FARKAS - hand dyed A Christmas Story wool sock yarn from recycled Eddie Bauer sweater

    For some reason, I'm diggin' fall colors lately!

    We wrap our gifts in Christmas fabric, then collect it to wrap the next year gifts (all of ours are handmade.. mostly knit or felt items) The kids get comic paper or paper that we've gotten in packages mailed to us with stuff stamped on it. This year the gifts are felted mittens from recycled sweaters.

    My e-mail is m0mto3 at yahoo dot com but you can find me on ravelry as craftycarole

    I'm going to put a link in my blog entry about you and your etsy shop tonight You can look it up on my profile....

    thanks for the chance of winning one of your beautiful items!

    my7kids said...

    One additional entry for Bibliocat for purchase

    my7kids said...

    Craftycarole gets one additional entry for blog. THanks!!

    my7kids said...

    Additional entry for Jennifer (Rundepinne) for following this blog. Thanks!

    my7kids said...

    One additional entry for dougalfish for following this blog. Thanks!

    my7kids said...

    One additional entry for Bag Lady Bags for following this blog. Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    1) My favorite from My7kids:
    Those were my favorite characters! I also love the color blue.
    2) ONE way my family can "go green" for the holidays is, re-use brown bags for wrapping paper, turn off computer/DVR/Lights/DVD/Wii when not in use.
    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

    my7kids said...

    One additional entry for Marion N for purchase. Thank you!

    Abby said...

    Heartfelt Hugs for the Holidays - recycled Angora Sweater Pillow in Lavender Cables... so SOFT I love this item!

    We are looking into using solar powered Christmas lights for the outdoors!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

    Lee Purdum Lehman said...

    I'd really like to give your "Manly Mitts striped felted lambswool fingerless glove mitts or wrist warmers in beige, tan, brown, gray, charcoal L or XL for the man on your gift list" to my husband for Christmas. He's a mailman, so needs his fingers to be handy. He suffers from poor circulation, so these would be cozy for him.

    My contribution to helping the environment is fusing my grocery bags and making sturdy reusable bags for grocery shopping. I'm not a seamstress, so this is a real challenge!!

    I can be reached at LeeoftheWind at AOL dot com.
    I also have an Etsy site: www.LeeLehman.Etsy.com, and blog at http://www.leelehman.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for allowing me to participate in your drawing! Lee

    Beat Black said...

    I absolutely love these knitting needles:


    I may not be the best knitter but every winter I at least attempt to make myself a scarf, lol.

    my family does the same thing with boxes at christmas. I don't know how may times I've unwrapped a box of mens briefs...

    we also use LED lights for the outside and x-mas tree. and lastly sewn gift bags for presents.

    Kim said...

    Love the Emily Crachit yarn, the colors are so pretty! I recycle gift bags to another birthday or christmas, use comics to wrap gifts and unravel thrift store sweaters to recycle the yarn into something new for our family.
    Thank you, Kim

    atlaw said...

    Hi, I Love the Fluffy Big Needles! They are such an incredible re-use of wood. While we don't celebrate Christmas, we do go green all year round. We shop with canvas or other kind of recycleable bag; We reuse jars; participate in clothing, shoes and handbags exchanges with other families; are members of our local freecycle, and eat organically grown food(food co-op members).

    Anonymous said...

    I also love the Emily Cratchit yarn. The colorway is beautiful!! As for going green, we're making hand made gifts this year like eye pillows, bean bags and heat packs. Everything will be made of as much natural material as possible and we won't be supporting all of the non-green packaging and fuel and such that it takes to get all those things to the retail store! Thanks for the fun contest!


    conchita15 AT hotmail DOT com

    SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

    I love the Little Drummer Boy. It is so pretty, and I love browns. It would make a beautiful scarf. As for recycling we are donating toliet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, coffee cans, bottles, spools from thread etc to the school for projects for the different classrooms. Just common items so they can create something fun and prevent teachers from spending money on things. Toliet paper rolls can make cute paperweights with a childs picture. May you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    MCDB said...


    My favorite item from your store "my7kids" is the BALTHESHAZAR, A MAGI hand-dyed recycled yarn because I love hand-dyed yarns and I really like the color saturation you acheived :) The color combination is very nice too - I like warm and earthy tones.

    My family already recycles, reuses plastic/paper bags and boxes, and keeps central heating to minimum ;) But another thing we could do is to cut down on our driving by combining shopping and errand trips.

    Thanks so much!
    immortaltiger007 AT hotmail DOT com

    Marigold said...

    My favorite item is the pair of Frostbite felted fingerless gloves. They look warm and cozy, and New England winters are cold.

    As for going green, well, we also have decided to take a stand against wrapping paper. All the gifts we give are wrapped in repurposed fabric bags or handstamped brown paper bags.


    herblady said...

    Oh, my! What a lovely dilemma in choosing but I will say the Emily Cratchit yarn because it had my favorite colors in it and looks so soft. (I also love your handwarmers!)
    I am going more green by knitting & crocheting more presents instead of buying them and knitting sweaters for us so we can keep the heat turned down.

    hrbeck_98 (at) yahoo.com

    herblady said...

    I finally figured out how to subscribe to your feed. Still would prefer email if I can do that.

    herblady said...

    I purchased two items from your shop last night as well!

    Luck Happens said...

    How generous! I love fiber-related giveaways...my favorite item is the SUBTLE DIAMONDS hand knitted ski or head band from hand dyed, handspun yarn. Great colors, and it looks soft and warm.

    As for going green - I use my Christmas cards from the year before to make gift tags for this year's gift. Just cut out the graphic, use a hole puncher to punch a hole, and then thread your ribbon through. Voila! Handmade, one of a kind, repurposed gift tags.