Monday, November 3, 2008

Some Striped Fun

This has to be a quickie tonight, I am tired and my baby is sleepy.

Today I sorted all my dh's soap oils into a wall-mounted cabinet in our back hallway, taking them out of boxes to free up the shelf they were in, so I can put my bins of listed yarns in those shelves. Immediately when I put the LAST (glass) bottle in, the cabinet fell off the wall (on me), cascading everything in it to the floor. Artemas came to my rescue and we got it out with no loss of limb.

Fortunately only bottle cap cracked, and that only had about an ounce of oil in it. So my house smelled like grapes. Cleaned that up... later on I found another bottle that the cap had come loose, so my house smelled like peaches.

Instead of getting to do anything yarn-y today I got to clean up the back hall. I put up brackets for shelves but can't put shelves on the brackets, even tho I have some wood, 'cause my SIL has our circular saw. I managed to find safe and relatively baby-proof homes for the 3,000 items dh had in that cabinet. Guess where? Back in the shelving unit I was going to use for my yarn bins. I want a new life.

Despite feeling lousy and going through like half a box of Kleenex, I made some killer chicken veggie noodle soup with lovely garlic in it for dinner. So then my house smelled like something good to eat, which makes me happy.

Oh and we got our fabric today for the Weird and Ugly Fabric Challenge. It is both wonderful and horrible, and I had an immediate vision of an art quilt out of it, which will make a LOT of work for me. I sometimes wish I weren't so dang creative.

I did make one really cute pair of felted, striped fingerless mitts for my HeartFeltFun shop at Etsy. These are warm and soft and just wonderful!

Ok that is as Quickie as I get, and my baby is asleep. Was it good for you too? ;D

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