Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogged and Tweeted

Someone blogged me today! Thanks so much to EssieWB for featuring me on her blog,

Diantha's Darling Nikki in the Rain yarn got Tweeted today, at Lizet Frijters. Thank you!

One last thing. Not an exciting day today. I had a terrible headache and only got a load of laundry done and all the floors in the main living area. Oh and cleaned the back hallway. And shopped for groceries for 8 people for 2 weeks. And made lunch and dinner and took care of a sick kid. And spun some laceweight yarn... but other than that, nothing. But Josiah, my 8 yos, made a playdoh sculpture a couple days ago and I have been reminded that I didn't post a picture of it. Sorry. So here is his x-box console, controller, and the "TV set" that his sister helped him make.

Another artist in the making. LOL.


lizet frijters said...

Your yarn is amazing, it is worth to be seen.

Desiree said...

What a weird little kid, LOL! said...

Love the yarn. Men work from sun to sun a womans work is never done! LOL Boy we cant get Josiah and Barbie (they are both 8) together we would have playdough sculptures all over the house, one of Barbie's favoiate things is playdough! Must be an age thing or something. Josiah you did a truley beautiful job!!! Barbie says to tell you she loves it! God Bless and huggs Marion