Saturday, April 4, 2009

ETSYKNITTERS Spring Scavenger Hunt!!

I am on Etsyknitters Street Team. Basically we are Etsians with shops that sell knitted items or supplies for knitting. And we are a "Street Team" because we are out there, among you. (Beware! We have sharp pointy things in our hands and know how to use them! LOL!)

Anyway just for fun, we are having a Spring Scavenger Hunt. There are 31 shops, each of which submitted a pic of one of their items. You match up the item with the shop. Do at least 10 of them and you get a code good for a discount or free shipping this month from those shops! What fun!

So come play with us! You get to browse some great shops, see new things you wouldn't have seen otherwise, and get a lil' bonus for your trouble. Can't go wrong!

To visit the Scavenger Hunt page, just click below (or in my sidebar to the left).

1 comment: said...

Thanks for listing the Spring Scavenger hunt. I coldn't find them all but did manage to find 10 and won! It really was not that hard and was fun! And on top of every thing I get some free shipping! YEa! huggs Marion