Friday, April 24, 2009

What We Did and What We're Gonna Do

Yesterday I made homemade salsa at 1AM. Then even Wonder Juggs Woman has to sleep sometime. Up at 8 and fried Cinnamon Crispas to take the the last 4-H meeting of the year. I made enough to fill a 5-quart plastic ice cream bucket. They were light and crispy and good, not greasy at all.

On to the meeting, where we had a Mexican food brunch and drilled the kiddies on questions from the Clover Bowl (which I am still not quite sure what that is, something like a spelling bee I think). Number one son calls me and says, are you heading past where I work? Cause I broke my belt buckle...

Home again, to get said belt buckle. Oh and he left his money on the desk. Oh and his gray cards on the floor... can you bring them? Make everyone use the bathroom while we are home. BACK in the car... up to WM where thank God, Diantha is now old enough to send in the store with a list and money, while I go across the parking lot to the UPS store for soap label coopies. Pick her up and hit the road...

Stop in Farragut at the Super-Duper Grocery to drop off son's stuff. Stop at the Goodwill for baskets. Go into Knoxville to Sam's for bags for the craft shows (I was SO disappointed, they no longer carry white paper bags) and gravy for tonight's hurry-up supper. Oh and school books while they had them. And, Mrs. Ross, your membership is expired...

BACK to Dollar Tree next to WM for tissue paper and stickers. Then HOME! We got home just in time for Des to pull in behind us, and my dh who was now off work for the day to pull in behind her.

Cleaned off the table, where Des laid out and pinned 2 lap quilts. Then she and Diantha bagged up and tagged about 150 soap samples for the show. I spray-painted baskets and made a new soap label and untangled 117 yards of the most tangled handspun yarn (not ours) you ever saw, and cleaned off kitchen counters. Then we made dinner (enchiladas).

After dinner we tagged all my HeartFeltFun shop items for the craft show. Richie sat at the table and wrapped soaps. After that I was too tired to do anything else, and it was after 11 PM anyway, so we called it a night.

Today we have to:
  • finish wrapping soaps
  • make muffins for tonight's 4-H regionals
  • Write recipe for muffins and print for judges
  • make biscuits for tonight's 4-H regionals
  • Write & print recipe for biscuits for judges
  • finish 3 items for the craft show
  • card wool and alpaca fiber
  • go get copies of one more soap label
  • take some samples to the PO
  • buy a change bank from the bank
  • call the lady about the craft show tomorrow
  • find the stand to the other dress dummyfind clothes for the dress dummies
  • be at the 4-H regionals by 5:30
  • Judge biscuits, muffins, cookies, and cakes for the regionals
  • come home and load the car with table, shelves, dummies, totes of merchandise for the craft show tomorrow.

  • I need some caffeine.


    pollicino said...

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    Kay said...

    Holy Cow!!! Here I was,sitting poolside while the DH is sitting up tables for the Convention and thinking, boy, I feel finally feel relaxed. And Bingo, you wore me out, LOL.
    Girl, I don't know how you do it!! You are truly SuperWoman. I hope you have a great time at the craft show!