Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Geez, April Fools, and I am Late

Actually I wrote this last night, and only needed to add pics. But one of my sons decided to monopolize the computer the pics were in, and I couldn't get signed into messenger for him to send them, so I ended up waiting until 1:30 AM and going to bed with my blog not done. ~~ sigh ~~

A friend if mine (I won't say who but her initials are Marion) got me with this one. FeLon yarn.

Diantha got a T West this morning, called Don't Wear Patent Leather Shoes. TOOOooo Funny!

Today I couldn't find the digicam. I looked where I usually put it, and on the table (I should make not here that right now our table is a MOUNTAIN of pulled fabrics,
non-used fabrics, and scraps of fabric as 3 of us scurry to the W/U deadline), and on the kitchen island. On top of the computer stack. On the ironing board, just in case. Couldn't find my brain, er, the digicam anywhere. I remembered it being in the car with us last night and thought maybe it was still there... so I went out to look. And in the THIRTY SECONDS I was out of the house...

Beverly found a Sharpie marked behind the computer keyboard (where *I* did NOT leave it) and gave herself tattoos on both arms, her leg, and put "makeups" on. She was so proud, she had to come out on the porch and show me! Complete with PBJ sandwich on her face, too!

Today was the DAY for kids to mark up their faces I guess, Des sent me this pic of my grandson Jeremiah, with PBJ face and blue rubberstamp "makeup" also. ~~ SIGH ~~

I folded the five loads of laundry. No, really, I folded the FIVE loads of laundry. And while I did so, they bred two more loads. Same reason I *used* to have a rule about not leaving 2 items in the sink at night, which somehow my kids have drifted away from. Maybe why we *always* have dishes in the sink. That or the dishwasher is as old as Methuselah and doesn't work right. ~~ sigh ~~

We did Veronica's entire Weird and Ugly quilt today, and are working on Artemas' right now. Hers is so cute! She says she thinks she might sell it when the challenge is over! I would buy it! Oh wait...

I also got a T West today, called Baaa, I'm Feelin' a Little Sheepish. It has SHE team and Etsyknitters in it, including one of Diantha's yarns.

And I have one more pic to share for the day, I call it, "Sharpie Marker is Not Quite Enough Decoration."
Dinner was supposed to be roast chicken with stuffing. But due to some fluke, there is a short in the circuit to the kids' bedrooms and because the guy who wired this house was a total nah-nah, that circuit also includes the refrigerator and the plug-in for the gas stove's electric oven ignition. No glow bar, no gas. No gas, no oven. So the Roast Chicken became Barbecue Chicken on the Grill and the stuffing became cheesy noodles with broccoli. And Betsy became a mess. The end.

4 comments: said...

Sounds like lots of fun at your house!!! HAAA HAAA NOt huggs and more huggs cuz it sounds like you need them badly! God Bless Marion

Desiree said...

You sigh a lot, LOL! (Me too!)

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Ahhh, Nikki ...... TN rolling hills, Nikki rolling with the punches! Sounds just about right. I've had days just like yours. It'll all come out in the wash ... except the pemanent marker, of course. Hugs! Lee

Kay said...

LOL, too cute. I can see why Betsy was so proud of her body art work, *chuckles*.