Friday, April 24, 2009

What We're Gonna Do - UPDATE

So, that was a mighty ambitious list this morning? How'd we do?

  • finish wrapping soaps - DONE!
  • make muffins for tonight's 4-H regionals - DONE!
  • Write recipe for muffins and print for judges - DONE!
  • make biscuits for tonight's 4-H regionals - DONE!
  • Write & print recipe for biscuits for judges - DONE!
  • go get copies of one more soap label (which ecded up being 5 more soap labels ans 2 sample label sheets)- DONE!
  • take some samples to the PO - DONE!
  • buy a change bank from the bank - DONE!
  • call the lady about the craft show tomorrow - DONE!
  • find the stand to the other dress dummy - DONE!
  • find clothes for the dress dummies - DONE!
  • be at the 4-H regionals by 5:30 - DONE!
  • Judge biscuits, muffins, cookies, and cakes for the regionals - DONE!
  • come home and load the car with table, shelves, dummies, totes of merchandise for the craft show tomorrow - DONE!

  • Leaving only...
  • finish 3 items for the craft show
  • card wool and alpaca fiber

  • Not done. And, I have to add one more to the list:
  • Put shops in Vacation mode for the day tomorrow

  • And. since my day isn't over yet, Getting probably 2 of those 3 items done is a good possibility.

    Turns out it wasn't the 4-H regionals, it was the County finals. Both girls took 2nd place in their bake-offs. And both took first place in their respective exhibitions (Diantha with fiber processing and Veronica with spindling and knitting), so they go on to the sub-regionals in May in Crossville, TN. Somewhere in this post are pics of Veronica looking thrilled ans Diantha looking, well, like Diantha.

    Off to finish something else...


    Lee Purdum Lehman said...

    Good job, Nikki & girls!! Tell Diantha that humoring Mom is not THAT painful. She's beautiful and she should be glad people on the web like to look at her. Smile pretty!

    (If you were upset, Diantha, I apologise. Just teasing you a bit ;)

    Kay said...

    Wow, ok, I am impressed! On two fronts, one on your accomplishments of getting your list done as well as you did (plus you got another email to your SP done on top of that!!) And secondly, yeah to Diantha and Veronica for doing such a great job!

    Good luck on the craft show!!

    my7kids said...

    Nah, Lee... Diantha is fine... actually she just looked away at the last second to something obnoxious the boys had on TV. LoL!