Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?

Ok, I helped judge baked goods at last night's county finals for 4-H. Since my girls were in the Biscuits and Muffins categories, I co-judged Cupcakes and Cookies. Who would think you could mess those up? There was one set of muffins that tasted like, instead of butter or oil, the kid used bacon grease in them. Bleh!

In the Cookie division, one set of cookies looked delicious (large chocolate chips) but tasted... odd. There were thumbprint cookies that tasted salty with the texture of sand. And there were pale, white sugar cookies that also tasted like they were made with bacon grease. And who would have thought that somewhere among the 7 pieces of cupcake I had to eat and the 7 pieces of cookie (well really 8 since I had to have another piece of something to clear out the bacon sugar cookie), something would give me food poisoning.

So, I got 3 hours sleep last night! Up at 5 AM for the craft show. We took lots of pics of our booth. This was a small, very old, community center with NO atmosphere, in a little residential area surrounded by dairy cattle fields. But it was a good "practice run" before our show in the Cato building next month in Knoxville. Before the next show, I want to get some sort of tiered rack (or cookie plate, etc), to put some of the HeartFeltFun Boutique items on, so they aren't boringly sitting on the table. Also since the next show booth will be configured a little differently (though the same size), we are going to have something to hang more of Desiree's bags on, so the dummies don't look so crowded. (Above, panorama of the booth. Left, Dress Dummy 1. Right, Dress Dummy 2. Below left, Tower 1, Below Right, Tower 2.)

The left tower had Diantha's handspun yarns in it, a couple small bags in the bottom shelf, and a quilt on top. The right tower had recycled yarns, a recycled angora/wool sweater pillow in the bottom, and a quilt.

One last picture from the booth: the table.

At one end we had handknitted items and pillowcases, and recycled felted stuff. In the middle we had a couple handbags, and at the far end, baskets with Richard's soaps and some samples. We didn't sell any handmade bags or recycled handcraft items or yarn or handspun yarns. We did sell about $40 worth of soap.

And I had 4 people ask if that was "some of that LYE soap." Who would have thought? LOL!

I came home to find this Urchin child in my yard. I am not quite sure Whose child she is. Certainly not one of MY perfect, well-dressed, clean, well-combed children. ROFLOL. Despite appearances, she was very happy in her wild-child state, bouncing around among the guys trying to fix motorcycles, running in the grass, and playing in the shade.

Makes me happy too.


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

too cute- My kiddos are always running around like that. I finally have Mekenzei agreeing to run around in a tank top- cause she is near 10 now. Wild children sure are so much more fun though. :-)

Joanne said...

Glad you recovered, "quickly" from the food poisoning. That is rough stuff. Congrats on the soap sales and your booth looks great. I like the idea of the tiered cake dish.
My girls would run around like that when they were little too.

Very Verdant said...

Thanks for posting pictures and being so open about what worked and what did not. Very Helpful!

Cute Little One! Love those chubby cheeks!