Sunday, April 26, 2009

Motorcycles, Stars, and LoMein

This morning R and I got up and went to church, by ourselves. The kids and I work in the nurseries on Sat. night at the 7 PM service and try to go to the 5:30 one for worship, but yesterday I was too tired. I fell asleep talking to Des and slept about 45 minutes, missing time to leave. The church now has the 10AM Sunday service in streaming audio on their website, as well as an archive where you can listen to any of the last 12 weeks sermons. We were going to ride, because it was a beautiful morning... but the 250 wouldn't start. Low battery.

We did lunch at the local KFC buffet, which is one of the only "out" places I can eat without getting food poisoning, since I had that really bad case of it last year on vacation. Probably because this KFC keeps its buffet so hot, you can't even EAT your food for about 10 minutes after you dish it up. But, I do get a headache from the MSG that they say is not in their chicken. LoL.

When we got home, Des and Tony were here with the babies. The guys worked on the bikes. Tony actually got my 450 wired up and started, for the first time in almost 18 months since Allen flipped it. It was like music to me ears. I still need a clutch assembly, the brakes to be bled, and to recover the seat (I have some GORGEOUS deep green metallic leather). Tony took Jeremiah for his first motorcycle ride. DON'T PANIC (first rule of the Universe anyway) that they don't have helmets on, they went about 2 MPH around the yard. Jeremiah is not old enough to ride in this state, have to be 5 years old and able to rest their feet on the guest pegs.

Not to be left out, Beverly also had to have a "ride". Here she is sitting on my 250, having her hair done by big brother Artemas.

Meanwhile I showed Des how to pick up stitches around the edge of her shrug and she got the ribbed edging knitted with the black Merino she spun. I carded 6 oz. of gray corriedale and washed several ounces of llama fur to card some of with the corrie, to swap with a friend.

And, I left off doing the Quilt Block a Day about a month ago, so I could help the kids meet the deadlines for the Weird and Ugly Fabric Challenge. Des says there were only about 24 actual blocks in the past month, many of which were stupid. So today I did 6 little applique'd blocks with a star in the center. I can't show you, because they are top secret. But that puts me only about 20 blocks behind. LOL.

After everyone was in from all the fun they could have in the yard, we gave Jeremiah, Artemas, Josiah, and Tony haircuts. And, we made Lo Mein for dinner (from our own recipe). Plus chicken, which we served to the kids with sweet'n'sour sauce from a jar (oops, lazy, LOL) and to the grown-ups with a General Tso's spicy sauce that I made up myself and I have to admit was as good as any I have had out anywhere. Plus NO MSG, LoL. If anyone wants the recipe I can try to write down what I did. That was some good Lo Mein, yo.


Desiree said...

And what did the kids do? THEY PUT KETCHUP ON IT. Ingrates.

The Giggles Family said...

I would love to have the Lo Mein recipe.. .I am definitely saving the General Tso recipe too :) We love Chinese food but you are right the MSG is horrendous.... thanks for the offer!

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