Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Day, Hooray!

Today we took the day off and went to Gatlinburg. This is a tiny little touristy town at the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. It is about 45 miles from our house to go the slow way, through Maryville, Townsend, and Wears Valley... or about 60 miles from our house to go the "fast" way, through Knoxville on the interstate. Which takes the same amount of time. We took the slow way.

We got donuts for breakfast at The Donut Friar in The Village, and just above here you see us smiling because our tummies are full of donuts. (Back row: Richard, Artemas behind a bunny, Allen WAY far away, and Diantha. Front row: Josiah, Beverly on wheels, and Veronica.)

Then we walked around. And walked, and walked. The entire town is basically one long walking mall with a few little offshoots, all handcraft stores and tourist trap crap and motels, and places to eat. Oh and handmade candy, fudge, jewelry,
woodworking, etc. etc. The girls and Josiah and I rode the ski lift. Never did that with any of the kids before, because it isn't that cheap. But it was a nice breezy ride, on a sunny day. Can't complain. On the way up and down, we cross the Roaring Fork River. Here is a shot of it, and on the left you can see a 3-story building of 6 time-share condo units, called Club Chalet. Richard and I stayed there for part of our honeymoon 26 years ago. I am happy to report that we get along better now than we did then. Back then, we had a HUGE fight and I threw his *last* can of beverage in the river. And he stayed married to me. Gotta admire fortitude like that. LOL.

Speaking of getting along or not, we went in the infamous Pancake Pantry to use the potties, because they were painting the ones in The Village. (The man told us they would be open Tomorrow, LOL) My mom and dad love to eat there (the Pancake Pantry, not The Village restrooms) but it's too rich for my blood, and my pocketbook. But I digress.

Anyway, the restrooms are upstairs and there is a balcony overlooking most of the dining area and the 2-story windows to the outside. There was a couple sitting down there, had to be man and wife because they were about the same age (older than dirt) and both wearing wedding rings. Also the wife had this long-suffering air about her, like this guy has been a drag for 60 years. So there they sit, and the whole time our large family was taking turns using the potties, they never ONCE looked at each other or spoke to each other. Since the situation nearly defies description (at least to me), I have drawn a little diagram.

The wife was LONG done with her meal (waiting on that cheapskate husband of hers to eke every penny worth of his breakfast). The husband was taking his good ol' time deliberately cutting and eating that last 1/3 of his omelet. Probably didn't even want it, but by Golly he paid good money for it, so he is going to get every last bite of it down if it chokes him, and maybe he won't eat again today because he wants to puke because he shouldn't have eaten all that omelet. See, sometimes I make up little stories about people in my head. Anyway it was sad, sad, sad. Can't imagine being like that. My dh and I can hardly wait to get home, get the kiddies all in bed and have sex. Sheeeesh!

Ok one last parting shot of Gatlinburg. Well maybe two. These are views taken from the lift. One is about half the downtown strip (Parkway), and one is looking past
the town to the beautiful mountains with snow still on them. This morning we foothillers had 40 degrees and by lunch time it was 80. But the top of the mountain didn't get the memo.

In other news, I started knitting a basket today out of some lumpy handspun Montadale like the Candylcious yarn in Diantha's Shop. I am going to felt it for B for an Easter Basket. I got it about half done, which isn't bad considering I spent most of the day walking G-burg (and yes, I am eccentric and knitted while I walked. LoL). This pic isn't the right color (the yarn I am using is red) but I wanted to show the texture. If I show you the rest... well, you know.

4 comments: said...

Wow sounds like a wonderful outing! And God was smileing on you with good weather! YEA! Beautiful family! Makes me wish I was there! Huggs

Desiree said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love mountains. I could sit and look and look at the same mountains here and never ever get tired of it, like my eyes would never be full...even if I've never gotten to ride the sky lift, LOL!

Kay said...

Sounds like you all had a great time and the picture of the kids and Richard showed it was a good time for all!

Too bad about the couple though, I'd hate to have a relationship (or lack there of) like that!

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Gatlinburg is so fun :-) I haven't been there in years, but when I was growing up in western NC, I went several times with family and/or friends. Great family-oriented place -- I'm glad to gear it hasn't changed!