Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Such An Uneventful Life

Ok, so I have recovered from all the sandwich-making and running over the weekend. Or almost recovered.

My dh is on vacation this week, so this is what we have gotten accomplished: Nothing.

Oh, of course I am kidding. Yesterday my parents, who are down from Ohio, came over and Dad and Richard and any other Army Corps of Engineers volunteers they could commandeer (oh don't we LOVE alliteration?) worked on our electricity. I put together a lasagna to make for dinner, but along about 7PM when they decided that the only outlet they hadn't checked was the one behind the stove, that the electronic ignition for my oven plugs in... I made a trip to the local big-box store and then to Taco Bell, where I dazzled the associates with my ability to order random food for a dozen people, to go.

They actually got my order right (which dazzled ME)... but probably only because I went IN to get it (instead of driving all the way home to find out they forgot the order of nachos) and stood there and counted it all before I left.

My BIL came also, with my little niece, and brought us a 36-in. television that he got for free and fixed for a little bitty part. Just in case you couldn't see the TV screen from anywhere in the 24' x 30' main great room of our house BEFORE. NOW YOU CAN.

I am slacking on putting new yarns up to my my7kids etsy store. But we have listed quite a few new items in Diantha's shop... including a HUGE furry purple and aqua 2-ply handspun, a carded batt in cranberry Corriedale and white llama, and some washed Corriedale and llama fleeces.

I got a main Treasury, which has expired. But Diantha has a current one, called She Loves Wild Colors. Here on the left is a screen shot! And I got a T West from my HeartFeltFun Boutique, called Hip To Be Square. So here is a shot of that one.

Tomorrow I get to go to a local farm and get some natural black, gray, and brown sheep wools. More on that later! And, we get to make Diantha's skirt for Easter. AND, my folks will be back over for the much-longed-for Lasagne. I better get some sleep!


Desiree said...

The good news is, even with your parents there you don't have to be entertaining 'cause they don't care. SO, drink some Dew and just pretend you know what the hell is going on.

my7kids said...

Sage advice from a grasshopper...

Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

LMAO you two are too too funny! (hmm to many two's or to's ) Love your new batts geesh I have to be good and not buy! But know I will love the blue gray yarn I just ordered! Huggs and God Bless Marion