Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Day

I got about 6 hours sleep last night. This morning I made 2 sets of my DPNs from pear wood. Packaged up some orders. Went to Home Depot and put Richard's contacts in, to the PO, and grocery shopping, with 4 of the kiddies in tow. Just as we finished shopping, the 2 older boys showed up, in time to help us load groceries. I managed to escape the store without licking my hair.

So I did Petsmart with 5 of the kids (Allen was on his own somewhere), where we got 5 new Neon Tetras and 2 Hatchet fish... Molly and Jack (to replace the prior and dearly-departed Molly and Jack Hatchet of last year). On to Target for sheets for someone who is getting married, and the Dollar Tree, which didn't have what I needed on some oil but did have on some portable baking pans, so there.

Came home and made a pot of Lentil soup, because for once they didn't schedule Richard until 11 PM. I figured if he were going to be home for supper, might as well have something he likes. And he REALLY likes Lentil Soup.

Put away all the groceries... helped Diantha cut out a block to make. She didn't want to make the block for today, so made a Friendship Star instead. Above here is her block from last night, which she made to make up one we missed (not sure of the date). Wow, these are loud.

Then I made a block, this one is from today, and it is not only terrible but loud. Wow again. And I corrected the one from yesterday, with the wonky stripes everywhere. I ripped the corners out mercilessly and replaced them with a dark purple. Same one used in the little squares in today's block, but for some reason I could NOT get the color right on today's. Anyway I am not sure it is an improvement. These blocks are supposed to be Edna Mazur, who is a wild hair and a little crazy, but I think they might be too crazy even for her.

And then as penance for being behind a day on the blocks, and not liking the block that I am behind on, instead I put together my Joe Morelli mini quilt top. The center blocks are Ball and Chain (very apropo for someone in Law Enforcement) and Joseph's Delight. Usually I like sashings between sampler-type quilt blocks, because the conglomeration of all those blocks can become overwhelming up against each other. But I really like this, just as it is. I am thinking of turning it on point to set it before quilting, but just playing with that idea right now.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 6 to make 3 batches of muffins to take to church for a drama tech crew breakfast. My eyes feel like they have sand in them, and I feel like I have walked miles, even though I missed my walk today. So it's off to bed, and hope to sleep!


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I love the Morelli Quilt- of course i love black and white anyway.
I like the last very bright block. That is a neat one. Hope your daughter has a very special birthday!

Desiree said...

Dude! You used "conglomeration" in your blog. Rock on.

Kay said...

I love the blocks! I've been trying to perfect the star blocks, but so far all I have is a lot of blocks for my "Oppppppps" quilt, lol.

The Morelli quilt is so cool! I love black and white and this just really pops with the contrast of where you placed the white in the design layout! I was going to use a ball and chain block too, but I don't know if I'm quite up to it, LOL. Great work as always.