Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picturesque Busy-ness

We had a good time at the 4-H fair yesterday. They gave me all the wool from the sheep shearing... some of it is a lamb's first shearing. I don't know what breed, but it is simply lovely. One of the ladies was talking to me and asked if I would like to have the wool from their shearings this year... New Hampshires and Dorset. I know Dorset isn't next-to-skin soft, but it would still be good for felting or selling to felters. I said, well, if you don't need it... and she said, "Oh, no, we never knew anyone who could use it for anything so we have just always thrown it away!"

What, WHAT, WHAT?!?

Here are two pics of our setup there: the left pic is our display table from the front, the right one is with labels.

Like a Bad Mom, I forgot the sunscreen. I remembered just as we got there and meant to ask hubby to run home for some, or across the street (to the big-box store), but got busy setting up. Then he took off and was gone an hour and a half... came back and took off again. By the time I remembered, we were all pink-cheeked. Not bad, no one seems blistered. But I felt sad about it anyway.

WoolAndWood at Etsy bought some yarn from me a while back, and has made this incredible, felted Irish Summer handbag out of it. Stop by her shop for other gorgeous, creative items!!

I nabbed a main Treasury tonight, called SHEteam is Simply Blue. Here is a screen shot. SHE team is Schooling at Home Etsians, so God bless us, every one. We need all the help we can get, LoL. Despite our busy-ness with teaching at home, the team members manage to create WONDERFUL art. I am proud to be a part of it!

One of the advantages to having more than one shop (and more than one computer) is that sometimes one can do the impossible... and have a second T. Cheating, I guess. But I let my 10yo daughter Veronica pick out all the items, and Diantha helped her with the headlines and comments. So on the left is a screen shot of her T, called Pink and Purple Pills. If you get a chance, go visit these lovely collections and click on the items... it gives the artists exposure, and boosts the Treasury in the Hot lists, helping it have a chance to be an Etsy Front Page.

One more: EmptyNestEgg at Etsy has generously included my dh Richard's Fish Away Odor Removing Soap (which really works by the way) in her Treasury, called She Said Go Fish. Here is the last screen shot. What a nice Treasury! Thanks!

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