Friday, March 13, 2009

Unfortunately and Apparently

I got a main Treasury at Etsy yesterday and it is doing excellently! It is on page 2 of the "hot" list! To the right here is a screen shot of it. Enjoy!

We were a couple days behind on the quilt blocks, and today was a no-block day. So Diantha and I made blocks today. The first block was called Navajo. Here is here (as usual) very drab version. (LOL)

And just below it, you will see my version. I know I have blocks going for Edna Mazur and for Connie Rosolli and for Ranger, but I had to interrupt this program and make this block for Lula. Because you see, the name of the block is Navajo, but I call it "Not a Ho, Anymo!" ROFLOL.

And, in true style, I put it together wrong. The pink should all be around one side of the block and the green around the other. I could SWEAR I laid it out correctly but something got lost in the sewing translation.


Ok, two more. Yesterday's block, I don't know what it was called. Diantha stuck to her recent, calming color scheme, as seen on the left. I think she has 3 more blocks to go in these colors. Whew!

And since mine is Edna Mazur, I put the 4-patches in just a little off-kilter. Some of the blocks I have made for this quilt top are straight... cause I figure she has her act together about 47% of the time. LoL.

Des showed me something kind of fun tonight, so I thought I would play the game a little here. If you do a Google search and write "Unfortunately [your name]" or "Apparently [your name]", it comes up with some wacky stuff! I of course used "Nikki" since that is my name. You can use whoever's name you want... but you must use the quotes. Here are some of my Unfortunate results:
  • Unfortunately Nikki never met her grandfather before he died.
  • Unfortunately, Nikki's side was the team that failed.
  • Unfortunately Nikki starts dancing and she goes drunk. Neal leaves his date and takes Nikki to a hotel where he watches T.V. and Nikki falls asleep...
  • Unfortunately,Nikki,I am all the way across the country but honestly,if I could make arrangements ( pack,book a flight,make phone calls,etc.) ... (yeah, right!)

    And here are some of my Apparent results:
  • Apparently Nikki even predicted on the Toronto radio station The Edge months before Sept. 11, that a plane would hit the World Trade Center.. (not ME!)
  • I thought all British gals were supposed to be voluptuous and curvy due to all those fish and chips they gulp down over there, but apparently Nikki ...
  • Apparently Nikki has copyright of every single phrase she used
  • Friday is apparently Nikki's "Naked Sushi" day.

  • Gee... I am really looking forward to tomorrow!!

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    Desiree said...

    Apparently Desiree was better equipped to attract men. As Napoleon could say she had "the most beautiful teeth imaginable"