Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Take Hubby to Buy Bullets

I started out today making pancakes and mentally planning: take shower, take walk, card alpaca, card corriedale, dye some merino, take pics of the rest of the handspuns, put B down for a nap, list handspuns on Etsy, make dinner, make quilt block. Richard was off for the day.

I said to him, why not call Frontier Firearms and see if they have .380 bullets? We have been looking all over for them and they are very scarce. So while I cooked, he called them and told me they had them.

Now I am going to go get bullets. He says, why not take me with you? I said, when I am done I am going walking... I would have to drop you off back here. He says, oh no, I will just go with you. Why don't we bring the kids? It will be FUN!

Oh dear, I should have known. After we bought bullets (this man complains about what groceries cost), he says, hey why don't you walk the Walmart in ____ instead? There are pawn shops nearby I could go look in. Why? 'Cause this wasn't Run Around Stupid Places Day? Because I hate the Walmart in _____... it gives me hives just to go in that store? Because I have a whole day planned and it doesn't include pawn shops?

We ended up going to the town my daughter lives in, and walking the HUGE Walmart there, while hubby and the youngest 2 kids hung out and Betsy fussed about not wanting to be there. Then visited daughter, since she was nearby. She has some of her art in a local shop. She says, let's you and Diantha and I go see the shop! (It is a 1/2 mile drive and the shop is 1000 sq. ft... how long can that take?) So dh says, I will go to Big Lots and Hammers and oh by the way, where are the local pawn shops?

Two hours later, he wasn't back. Des was going to make dinner... Italian sausage hoagies. So I called him and asked him to bring another package of sausages and buns from the grocery... we would just make dinner here! An HOUR later he shows up with sausages.

We got home at after 8 PM. I got the alpaca and 2 oz. of the Corriedale carded and the shower taken. So much for MY day. Moral of the story: Don't Take Hubby to Buy Bullets.

By the way, that Corriedale is AMAZING. It washed up from a deep tea-dyed color to white with tiny little bits of pale yellow. I carded only 2 oz. of this fleece, and LOOK at how HUGE it is! I took this off the carder, and it poufed out. I stuck a ruler down in it for reference... it is 3" thick. This batt is about 10" wide (the carder is 8" wide so you can see it really fluffed) and about 22" long. This is one really squooshy batt. Can't wait to spin with some of this stuff!

And speaking of can't wait to spin, Veronica (who is 10) decided a few days ago that she must try her hand at spinning also. I gave her a roving ball, showed her how to park and draft and let her have at it. Here is a pic of her 1stspun, which is about half the 4-oz. ball. And the 2nd pic is the 1stspun, the roving, and what she has spun of it on the 2nd go. Bravo, Veronica!!


Desiree said...

Dad gums up the works. You should push him down the stairs. rotfl! Love V's handspun! She did a better jpb fpr her first than I did! what nice white wool, i had an impulse to plunk it in koolaid

my7kids said...

Back! Back, I say! Step AWAY from the wool and no one will get hurt! ROFLOL